Food inflation, local trend or worldwide?

largely due to the fact farmers get paid pennies and land usage on large scale is corrupt as fuck. if McDonalds suppliers played by the same rules we have to, that would be inaccurate. they are nice and settled in avoiding any legal liabilities via sourcing and being setup for real estate while flipping burgers to pay the loans. a good gig, but not sustainable.

Food prices on my vacation on Vancouver Island have blown me away with some notable exceptions.

12 dollars for a small container of Greek Salad at Thrifty’s?

8 dollars for a 2L bottle of unsweetened Oolong at Asian Fairways market?

Fastfood meals over 50, sit downs over 200 (for 3)

Costco has some great deals though–12 dollars for a huge container of Kimchi!

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I don’t get your position here. McDonald’s haven’t raised the price of a cheeseburger for 14 years. There must be a reason(s) as to how they’ve managed to achieve this feat.

I understand why they are making their cheeseburger twenty percent more expensive now. The reasons for that are blindingly obvious

How’s the new inflation diet going? Losing weight for 2 reasons:

  1. shock of sticker prices makes one sweat out the budget details more
  2. eating less per currency spent
  1. Can’t steal it either :laughing: (NYC)


Checked to be sure but the price was kept at 99 pence, there’s a psychological barrier to going over a pound.

It’s not like they are losing money on the product, just check the Big Mac index to see how much the product is marked up, just like any business, if after adding all expenses up the business isn’t making money, the prices need to go up.

Then there is a supply and demand issue, put the prices up too high and the demand drops, if it drops too much the business goes out of business.

Trying to keep the cheeseburger under a pound I get. It may have been a product relative to others they deliberately kept lower in profit margin as a “pull” product.


If managed well it could be somewhere from 10-15% to 30% food cost.

fast food meal for 50 cdn??

maybe because they source from countries that dont have high standards of sustainability, workers rights or pay etc? the scale is so damn high they control the price, not the supplier. seems more like a china situation in.manufacturing. dont need to care about the environment, or people so it’s cheap.

I was looking at their placemats the other day with them bragging about all their environmental “achievments” lol. amazed they dont find those embarrassing to even try and pass off as a marketing scheme.


That 10-15% is remarkably accurate, just did a quick search to see if anyone discusses the raw costs.

A McDonalds hamburger costs $2.09 at the register. McDonalds internal documents show that the raw materials (patty, bun, etc.) cost $0.34.

Or 27p in the UK.

The article goes into that, Brazil in particular.


The meat calculation in that article is just insane. Nobody can produce meat that cheaply except by - effectively - stealing from the public and future generations.

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Remember that franchisees of McD pay rent to them as McDonalds owns most of their properties. It’s a huge commercial real estate company. The franchisees additionally pay franchise fee, advertising fee, interior decoration

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It’s been a few months and McDonald’s still hasn’t resolved their potato supply issues. As as result McDonald’s in Malaysia has stopped selling hash browns. ROFL.

this should, in fact, make the cost to the consumer higher. not on price point, but on a collective future cost.

Brazil is one example. our partners and friends there have experiences about the government forcing land holders to log n grow that would make our heads spin. a disgrace, full circle.

Yeah, for three people—Timmies, KFC, Edo’s, Noodle Box, local sandwich type places, etc. Meal combos easily over 10 TO 15 CDN each…soft drinks 2 TO 3 dollars each etc.

For quality sit downs, for three—150 to 200 CDN, including 1 round cocktails.

Hotels --used to be 150 a night —now at least 300 for anything decent.

Labour hard to find—so many boomers retiring…service sector apathy…man it is hard to find people that deliver good services lol.

With airfares, hotels, food etc., this trip back for a month has easily cost 15,000 CDN. Am not paying for it, but will be staying in Europe or Asia for future holidays–better value. But with covid the past few years, it is a must to see family.


“hoarding” going mainstream. Once the App generation picks it up, it’ll go bonkers.

Over one year from my first post, and food inflation is much worse. Shows I guess how out of touch the government workers are is of peoples daily life and how important it can be. I am ok, eat the same but notice higher prices, but for many its not a good deal and they have eat less.

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I dont buy these three things from Carrefour, because they are cheaper other places

perhaps once people stop confusing preparing for obvious outcomes with hoarding, we might just start on the right tract of proper food management and wasting less. I doubt it, but people learning what is reality surely isnt a bad thing in terms of long term intelligence. I would hope so anyway.

currently our water security is MUCH lower than usual in some areas. see rice farmers battling it out, sometimes physically, early into the am now. every night. one of the most wasteful grain crops grown in Taiwan.

it is only the tip of the iceberg until people take it seriously.

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50NT for this big bag of 5 fresh green peppers, about dollars Canadian. I couldn’t get the smallest of these for that price back home in the summer, let alone winter vegetable prices.