Food inflation, local trend or worldwide?

ya, I never wondered why specifically those peppers generally tend to stay cheap here. even with heavy spraying most other capsicum types get fungal infections in summer and the price sky rockets.

Fast food seems more Macca’s (McD) seems not have $99 meals. Wages probally need go up 5% or more to keep up.

in Sanchong this morning they were 1 for 20.

I think this was 269 when I bought it last month

Sweet peppers are 199 for 6

More things are going to increase in price. Right now there is even a shortage of CO2 (not kidding) for fizzz, in beer. Some breweries are closing temporary.

Sometimes costco is more of a habit than a savings. those peppers are cheaper locally.

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Not in supermarkets, they hover between 30-40 NT$/pc.

supermarkets, costco, chabuduo :slight_smile: supermarkets also sometimes import.

the local ones are cheaper (at normal markets, not the high margin ones). rt mart, PC mart, costco, carrefour etc are probably all more expensive. the logistics issues affect imports first.

No worries, pretty soon we’ll all be eating pineapples for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Aren’t yellow and red peppers more expensive?

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more than green yes. due to maturity and time taken plus that extra time leadingto more crop damage (bugs, rot etc)

but I was talking about where they are bought being cheaper/pricier, not the pepper form. this year bell type peppers didn’t go through the roof like chili because this year hasn’t had typhoons or beyond extreme type weather issues. mostly heat/drought issues, which can be solved.

Costco vegetables were bad value every time i checked, i don’t even check any more.


I did shell out 200NT for 6 zucchini today, which seems outrageous for summer squash, but that’s what i wanted to buy

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I only buy vegetables I can’t otherwise get at Costco. Actually, this applies to pretty much everything I buy there. I don’t think it’s as cheap as other people seem to.


Meat and coffee (I’m drinking the Kirkland dark roast preground) are cheaper there

Tinned tomatoes, when they have them, are cheaper. Isnt cheese cheaper there?

But everything else i get there, yeah i don’t think i can get anywhere else

Oh, last visit i went to the restaurant for the first time. Big slice for 60NT was great value !

Costco has switched to organic a lot, pricier.

It is, but I can’t remember when they had a decent block of cheader cheese. They used to carry a fairly decent one pre covid lockdowns, English slightly crumbly one. Miss that.


I buy my ready ground coffee IKEA that’s gone up 49nt for 500g

I used to buy cheddar cheese there too. the last couple years I have gone there (kaohsiung) the options were less and the prices/taste were not at all competitive with local grocery supply with the exception of Kirkland. which is soft mushy nonsense.

I miss the tillamook extra sharp black package. that was basically my only reason for going to costco when in the west. but I haven’t seen it for a while, and the cheddar I have bought doesnt really differ much (taste) from the local companies selling cheap imported cheese.

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Stop buying eggs and fruits people!!!

I honestly think the only thing dropping in price is whatever these people have been smoking, and I want some of those.