Food inflation, local trend or worldwide?

They just try to create a shortage, jacking up prices. Coolers are probably full. The fruit stand nearby said he’ll take 6 days off starting from Saturday last week.

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Seems worldwide deal,

Hawaii food prices continue to rise - Honolulu, Hawaii news, sports & weather - KITV Channel 4
The cost of food continues to soar — for some items prices increased by as a much as 50%

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Yes, and no. Taiwan has the advantage of being quite rich and stable…its not uncommon for businesses to just stop working for a few days without notice. I respect the grit, but i despise the effort. After all, can go back and live with mommy anytime…this makes me cringe.

Any small island in the middle of no where that relies nearly entirely on bugger countries providing logistics services to them for survival are going to experience HUGE inflation anytime somethungbhappens.

I dont think hawaii is a good representation for the USA. As with alaska, guam, puerto rico etc.if the price is good in those places, they should be thanking their lucky stars. Reminds me of being in Palau and beef being the cheapest thing to eat. Think about hat, its very telling.

My cousin and I used to hunt boars with recurves in South Carolina. Miss those days. Miss the bass eggs too.

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Are you taking into account the style of meals served? My wife and other family members usually serve rice, two or three vegetable dishes and one meat. Portion sizes are not that big and we eat much less meat than a western portion.
There’s also soup that also offers meat.
Yam leaves, cabbage, broccoli.

Winter mellon is cheap too. My wife also makes a good 肉燥

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Hit the boar in the wrong place (that may confuse itself as the right place, such as the head) and you’ll have an injured but still alive and pissed off boar chasing you. I hope your aim is like Legolas or have another archer with bent bow standing by in case you miss…

Tommy butting in with the calif perspective
I’m the last year and a half of COVID I have not noticed food prices having gone up in supermarkets substantially but some restaurants have cut down on menu offerings and raised prices slightly

Am in monterey for a quick overnighter and wifey says let’s go to happy hour at the Clement InterCon

Well turns out no happy hour as they just reopened after being closed for 14 months !!

So drinks remained at 13 she had a sangria and I had coffee for six bucks instead

The not quite as happy happy hour

What’s really gone up these days is the price of gas
Having gone up to about 420 most places from 320 for regular per gallon that’s over 30nt per liter

What’s it over there ?

If you pay $13 usd for a single drink, i dont are on the same page a most of us. Higher end joints have higher margins and they can justify a buffer. Low end eateries are at the mercy of middlemen constantly fuckingthem.

I wouldnt ever personally pay $13usd for any drink unless it also gave a meal to someone that was hungry haha. Or it was for a whole bottle. I just cant justify the excessive waste of money, but I’m poor. Someone paying $1.50usd a meal in taiwan is going to feel the difference when cooking at home at $4 per meal. Those are who get affected right quick. And sadly, the budgeting for super cheap food just ends up costing more in health issues down the road. Not a good circle.

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Me too I expected it to be 6 bucks for a drink snd 3 for a coffee as it was happy hour

It wasn’t even a happy half hour

OK, then (see Soy, a big deal for Taiwan where Soy is imported a lot (I tried to grow it, not good yields)):
Food inflation: Grocery price shock is coming to a store near you | Business – Gulf News
Corn prices have doubled in the past year, while soybeans are up about 80% and wheat 30%. With China’s purchases continuing and a spate of adverse weather conditions threatening crops in Brazil and the U.S., there are few signs of respite. Analysts including those at Rabobank, Mintec and HSBC Global Research all see a risk of even higher prices as a result, though it will vary across markets.

The impact on grocery shelves can already be seen in surging tortilla prices in Mexico, beef in Brazil and retail palm oil in Myanmar. In the U.S., it’s more expensive bacon and other meat cuts.


With prices like that, I’d call it UNHAPPY HOUR.


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There must be significant pressure on these traditional breakfast places in Taiwan right now.

That is one part of Taiwan where prices do not change very frequently. I’m yet to see a soy milk bowl which is not 20NTD. A mantou which is not 15, and a meat bun which is not 20 NTD.

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Canada too

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One taiwanese guy said to me decades ago.

Prices of veggies are going up, prices of fuel are going up, rent is going up, everything is going UP> Thank God wages are still the same (he was kidding about the Thank God wages are still the same.obviously)

that was 30 years go…aint nuthing changes…but the prices she a be heading UP…all the time


Well we were on vacation to Monterey and Carmel if only fir an overnighter and it was great to have one of our go to places (for happy hour ) come alive again
Even if the prices were not so happy we were pretty happy it was there again

We went on to be fleeced for dinner (but prices were the same at Louie linguini as pre covid )

39 for a cioppino and 16 for a spicy calamari dish it was worth it it was Father’s Day Wallet slammed for 70 Uncle Sam dineros

Today went for a very tasty bfast at par for the place prices seeing it was a golf resort The Inn at Carmel Valley
We could not afford to stay there at 1000 a night but French toast for her at 16 and a very well made scrambled eggs with bacon for moi at 17 plus coffee and tea came out to 60 with 20pct tip

Allows us to sample how the rolls crowd lives
And the 500 acre hotel grounds were impressive as well as the very nice hotel

Did the 17 mile drive for the second time
First time years ago was windy and cold and we just drove through

This time we used the 10.99 entrance fee at the expensive Inn at Spanish Beach
Roy’s to be precise

Spend 35 snd you get the 10.99 drive through fee back

Well 35 got her a bento box but it was very good with fresh salmon grilled to perfection. Along with Fresh cubes of raw tuna in a poke salad
Along with 3 PCs of a fried roll that had a raw salmon center along with avocado

She said it was quite good best bento she’s had actually

And my American cheese burger with a solid 8 0z patty and jack cheese was brilliant
Among the best burgers I’ve had and a bargain at 20 bucks

Washed down with tea and coffee

We spent sixty to save ten bucks but it was worth it
The scenery was very nice

Not staying there anytime soon either as rates exceeded 800 dollars a night

Carmel is double the price in summer while Lake Tahoe is double the price in winter

One is a summer place while the other is a winter
Ski and snowboard destination
We had a good time I was happiest with the two Extra large cotton t shirts I got for 20
Bucks for both actually

Now to get back to work to claw that money back


It’s true. I’d say my income - which has changed almost not at all - has about one-third of the buying power that it did in 2000.

It would want to be at almost a 1000nt a pop ! :no_mouth:that would be about 700- 800% inflation here .
No tip right ?

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150 gets you a bento with grilled salmon here but honestly nobody in taiwan would pay more than that for a bento unless it’s really awesome from a famous chef.

Most bento here is around 80.


These are good points, and are affected mostly by market(ing) trends and peoples choices on purchases. Getting a mango in canada in winter is going to become more expensive, why should it not? We have been too spoiled for too long that we are actually quite entitled and used to having everything on our plate, in 5 minutes for pennies on the dollar. Often times without any care about the env ironment or hunan rights that are so often abused to produce them…and ignorance is no longer an excuse…

As we keep fucking up the environment, i agree with you that food prices will eventually soar globally. Thye acually should. With the food waste we have now, on a global scale the price should be raised at least 100%…but that will cause mass famine so not a great idea.

However, I was only meaning that hawaii, a very remote location, should be more expensive based on…well, everything. Its really far away and has a fairly low food production system compared to its market demand. constantly needing to serve the 3rd vein of the left testicle of an endangered species and shipped next day to some pompous ass in hawaii on vacation isnt whats helping the world. same goes for joe smith on vacation wanting their home meal in hawaii served cheap and fast. we are way too entitled, and if people dont change, dont expect producers and businesses to change haha. Thats justs silly.

I think it would be wise for every single individual person to start thaking food security very serious rather than keep expecting the government to bail us out and keep us all hooked up to the entitled UV drip that we have already become accustomed to. This cant last, the numbers dont work. and things are evolving. the problem is our species is very naive and we evolve based in necessity, rather than precautionary terms. Dangerous.

Taiwan is also in a huge food security fragile state, and people shouldnt ignore that. If they do, please dont compain about the government after when shit gets sketchy…they arent doing much and shouldnt be expected to by now.
Everyone can easily start eating seasonal and loclocal. There are huge varieties of food ava ilable and our stubbirness or selfishness shouldnt really keep snowballing like it is.

We can eat CHEAP and healthy in taiwan by simply eating whats seasonally availab le and puttin minimal effort into thinking ahead. Seems now, Thats too much to. ask. but thats wrong…just lazy. All of us can improve, and it would serve us well if we choose to change before we are mandated to change.

Just these weeks the heavy rains have destroyed crops in western taiwan, and eastern taiwan has had upwards of 40 degree bright sun also destroying crops. The situation is very real, regardelss of what supermarket shelves look like.