Food Panda opening R&D hub, hiring 100

“to create innovative applications”.

Here’s an “innovative application” for you Food Panic.

  • Finish deliveries that are ordered and you accepted, instead of canceling them 45 minutes later, leaving people hungry and waiting and then needing to find some other way to get meal.

The best “innovative application” they could come up with is to link a different delivery service for when Food Panda doesn’t work.

Good point, stupid crap happens when you are a monopoly. We need a competitor.

I think of them as a super unreliable backup to Uber Eats at best. They’re German? This blows my mind on so many levels.


Well, perhaps they’ll improve once Taiwan’s world-renowned, top-tier web developers are on board.

How about the guys who designed Ruten or most government websites - are any of those looking for work?


Why people dislike foodpanda?
For me in quarantine foodpanda was really reliable. And they have way more offers than ĂĽber eats for foreign credit cards.
Uber eats you pay more.

Once an order was cancelled from a supermarket and they gave me a 80 ntd voucher.


Where I live Uber Eats has more options, especially with English menus, and for a low monthly fee they wave all delivery fees and give you a discount on all your Uber rides (which are already cheaper and much better than taxis).

I use Foodpanda as a backup when I have to, but I’m never too thrilled about it.

When I signed up with uber eats, they wanted 15 Euros for the uber pass while it’s like 3.50 euros with Taiwan credit card.
Food panda on the other hand the food pass is only 49ntd also with foreign credit card in Taiwan, and they give you loads of vouchers with it…

Don’t know what you did there (maybe incorrect region settings?), but I’ve been paying NT$120 per month with a UK card since I first signed up maybe 2-3 years ago.

Nope I set region to Taiwan, and had Taiwanese IP address, but they wanted to charge me the European price (German as my credit card)

Weird - that’s not what happened with me, and I’ve always been using foreign cards in Uber.

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Same here with my US card. Saves me around 1,000 a month. Didn’t even know or care that Foodpanda has anything like it, as I can’t be bothered to navigate their shit app and options long enough to look into it.

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When I first signed up for that it also gave you something like 15-20% off each order, so well worth it for NT$120. I don’t order on Uber Eats too regularly (as it makes me feel lazy haha), but even with several orders a month it definitely pays for itself.

H uh? Isnt uber a major competitor? They always ding dong all over youtube here…every single time i make a trip into the city where these deliveries exist, i see scooters with BOTH bags on their scooter. the drivers of either brand sitting outside chatting with each other etc. Or are they the same parent company/involved in price fixing? Wouldnt be surprised, but I dont support such services so cant really comment outside of seeing both a LOT in every heavily populated place i go here.

I assumed him to mean that Foodpanda needs to step it up to be a more substantial competitor to prevent Ubereats from having a monopoly. That’s how it looks from my personal POV, though I agree it’s common to see drivers for both all over town.

The penny has just dropped for another overseas tech company, Taiwanese wages are horribly low, “we can get a really cheap tech team to build out our crappy app bloatware, and we will actually have more control than just farming it out to a consultancy.”

Genuine non rhetorical question - do you think there will be cultural clashes in the management of this place?

I just read the article and I don’t have a whiff of an idea what R&D they are going to be doing. All these food delivery companies give a shit about is their pretty little geeky app, and maybe some marginal begrudging interest in supporting users of that app, so, if you call your app sweatshop an “R&D hub” is there some sort of tax break being offered by Taiwan?

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There are R and D funds you can access from the government. Matching funds. A lot of companies here apply for these .

You clearly haven’t used German trains lol

I’ve been looking for a new job recently. Wages in Europe are lower or on par after tax. Not saying it’s like that for everyone but seems to be the case for higher level engineering jobs.