Food pantry/food bank in Taiwan

Does this exist in Taiwan?

In the US many churches have food bank where they give away near expired food given out by grocery stores. It’s given on a first come first served basis. Not the best but it helped me through some tough times.

Do such thing exist in Taiwan? Someone gave me some info on 1919 food bank but there’s an application process and all that. Is that all that exists in Taiwan? All I seen so far is discount stores selling canned stuff and instant noodles at a slight (but not by much) discount…

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I don’t know of any personally, but the external links (外部連結) section of the Chinese language Wikipedia article on food banks (食物銀行) has a list that might be helpful.

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A couple of the pages only have ways to donate but not ways to get help.

I guess a lot of these “charity” organizations make it hard to get help because they’re not charity, they’re scammers.

I heard it’s public knowledge that many charity foundations in Taiwan are really just scammers. They take well meaning people’s money and give none or little to the people they’re supposed to help.

Maybe you can collaborate to this group

So these are privately maintained food pantry? Is there an application process?

I like to know how it works before I spend another 300 on phone calls calling all the different places, only to find out I have to prove that I qualify (with certificates from the government and all that, which given my HHR situation is impossible to do).

Are you in immediate need of food? If so, you can PM me.


If in acute need, PM please.

I saw a public food sharing including fridge work quite well in my hometown. Several places, one inside an interesting combination of hotel and refugee home. Hope there would be something similar here.


not immediate but it’s going to be a problem in a week or two if I don’t get anymore work.

Right now vegetables have become a bit overpriced, especially long keep vegetables like cabbages. I usually eat hot pot at night throwing stuff into a pot and eat that, been trying to go low carb so I’m needing vegetables but right now I got about 1000nt left. I need garlic, cabbages, enoki mushrooms (those long white mushrooms), etc.

I’m pretty far away from you, and unfortunately my “emergency COVID stock” that I could share is mostly carbs based ^^

But I have a cunning plan:

If you set up an Carrefour online account with your phone number, you could share the login data with anyone willing to help (who isn’t close enough to hand over things directly). They could then buy things there for you to pick up, or deliver to your house.

PM me. Maybe I can help with some food.