Food Prohibited in Taiwan?!?!?

Hi Folks
I’m hoping to get some items of food and drink sent here from back home (Oz) but according to the Oz postal service site items like beverages and maybe chocolate are prohibited. Anyone know anything about this? When I Googled customs here I didn’t see anything and the quick glance at the US postal site didn’t show as extensive a list either. I’m hoping to have a small ~Easter party with some Taiwanese and foreign friends/acquaintances and specific Ginger Beer as well as some other fizzy/non-alcoholic beverages are on my list. I’ve a couple of weeks to work out what I can ask for plus a couple of weeks for it arrive, but I need to know if things will actually make it past customs. I’d hate to pay ~NT$1500 on postage for nothing :fume: . If anyone know anything I’d appreciate the advice. Thanks.

Shouldn’t be a problem getting it past customs here, might be more annoying getting it out of Australia. (BTW, you’re the only Aussie I’ve ever seen who spells it Oz.)

Anything with powder is liable to get confiscated here (instant noodles etc.) but liquids and stuff should be fine. Nothing that can be planted and will grow.

I’ve seen ginger beer (several varieties) in Jason’s. It’s quite likely from Australia, too, as that chain imports a lot of items from there. :2cents:

Food is prohibited in Taiwan?

Too bloody right, mate.

Buy you can actually buy Vegemite in a few cozy places. and Aussie beef.

For the Aussie staple, beef Vegemite sandwiches, where the beef is the bread.

Naw, processed, sealed foods like crackers and chocolate are fine, as are non-alcoholic beverages. You’ll have trouble with raw fruits, vegetables, meats and seeds (including poppy seeds).

Thanks all for the replies. I’ll obviously have to look into Jasons. I know there’s a store somewhere in Taichung but I’ve not tried to locate it yet thinking it was mostly American/French foods.

The only one to use Oz? Well I’m a Kiwi so maybe that has some bearing on things, or maybe just too much reading about lions and wizards :laughing: