Food scandal thread




Awesome news. I hope he dies in prison from food poisoning!


Not so fast, he will appeal.


This is already the decision of the appeal court.


"Wei, who is currently serving a two-year prison term over another cooking oil scandal, said through a spokesman for Ting Hsin that he did not accept the ruling and will appeal. "


I guess things get to a point after which there aren’t any other courts or possible appeals…


Currently news abuzz over a suspected salmonella outbreak from a famous soy milk place down in Kaohsiung. They are also trying to make the connection with the mysterious and sudden death of a young reporter, who complained of stomach pain before his demise and had eaten at the same place 4 days before his untimely end.


Let me guess, convertible to a fine equivalent to nt1000/day or something like that. They can definitely afford that.


They changed something last summer.

J.Y. Interpretation
NO.752 [ Whether cases which are pronounced guilty for the first time in the court of second instance are appealable to the court of third instance ]


Not T. Rekt yet, but thanks for the update.


Be careful drinking from street stands and shops.


The department and local government authorities conducted a random check of 18 BBQ restaurants in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung between May and June and found that not one met the standards for all four categories tested: ingredients, hygiene, facility management, and fire safety.




Second largest egg supplier in Taiwan.

How can Taiwanese continue to harm other Taiwanese?


Same as in Facebook comments I guess: when you don’t see who your crap harms, you keep throwing some.

That being said, that’s why eggs in France have their “best before” printed directly on the shell, along with producer traceability.


I’ve seen that in the Mainland too. Just sayin’.


Only am idiot would eat from a street stand in the first place. They all look absolutely filthy and unregulated.


I had a forgotten bottle of “functional” LP33 yogurt in the fridge with only a little bit left, exactly one month past the ‘valid’ date. Expected a foul smell but actually it still smelled 100% fresh… All these Uni-President products (and others) are fake engineered products.


There’s something really weird about Taiwan milk it’s practically indestructible .