Food scandal thread


Milk and cream (for cooking or whipping) gets bitter instead of sour, I wonder why.


Following this closely.

Taiwan has a lot of couples who are unable to conceive. Wonder if it is related to the food people eat!


More likely related to the pollution in Taiwan.


“Spoiled eggs tainted with chicken excrement, eggshell pieces and maggots were found in liquid egg products . . .”

Liquid eggs are used in baked products such as cakes, bread buns etc.


And some shops use

And some places use it for scrambled eggs. Eggs from a bottle.


There are places to get decent milk. Look around and spend a bit. Support the dairy farmers who actually give a shit


Which are? Most are under contract with diaries, I guess the moment the milk is gone, they don’t care.
I’ve seen a goat farmer’s inventory of antibiotics and other medication for his goats, these animals stayed inside all their life.