Food scandal thread


They don’t care. As long as they can get away with it and not be sued, that is all that matters. Making money is more important here.


This might explain why I always get sick eating at McDonald’s and burger king here.


Are you joking? Those foreign chains often have the best quality control of all, especially McDonalds.


Eh they are not foreign chains. They are subsiduaries of local President Group. McD actually almost was scrapped last year. As to quality and cleanliness…debatable.

KFC has even worse reputation.


Nope. Not joking. My experience eating at both those places has been bad. Chili’s and rodeosteakhouse , California pizza kitchen,those have been good.

But McDonald’s and Burger King, I’m starting to wonder about their sources. MOS burger used the gutter oil in their food during the last gutter oil scandal. They were just buying local. I’m sure McDonald’s and Burger King do the same with their ingredients.


And to welcome the weekend, here’s another scandal! :grinning:


I’ve long noticed most eggs come from Changhua and we tried to avoid buying those eggs because Changhua is an awful mix of factories and farms.

They use different names on the boxes but if you look they are almost all located in Changhua (they do the same trick for rice).
Unfortunately a lot of rice comes from factories/farms there as well.

‘The governnent is looking in a 3km radius…’’.
Believe me knowing Changhua they just need to look out the window to see about 10 factories. I recall when I was looking for metal parts there a few years ago…every factory I visited was surrounded by rice fields.


Bovine tuberculosis warning!


Is raw milk even available in Taiwan? If so, this is new to me.



Changhua also has some of the worst chemical fall out from the factories in the area. Not only the water but the air is contaminated.

But hey the temples there throw great parties with stripper poles.


Food scandal is like Taiwan’s equilavent to mass shooting in America. You hear them all the time and don’t even pay attention any more.


I get it, this is the internet and pretty much everything is anonymous so everyone can get away with saying anything but that’s easily the most sick and disgusting thing I’ve read all month. You’re basically saying Americans don’t give a shit about human life, and are accepting of mass shootings.

Which isn’t true at all, it’s easy to disconnect from something you only see in the news. Have you ever been personally affected by one of these events? Have you attended a vigil for so many innocent lost lives, of people you actually knew? Even more disgusting is your comparison between an indifference to hundreds of innocent people being murdered in America to … Food contamination in Taiwan, really? You can’t be serious here.


It makes perfect sense to me. They’re comparable because people become inured to them over time as they continuously reoccur. It doesn’t really matter what the specifics of the situation are in that analysis.

And, if you think that food contamination is on a lesser level of harm, fatality, or suffering than shootings, I would tend to think that you can’t be serious.


I imagine you must be new to Taiwan–or perhaps you have not lived here. If this is the case, allow me to build on tempo’s point.

The point of the comparison made above is certainly not to say that human life in the US is unimportant–or that food safety in Taiwan is unimportant. The point is exactly the opposite. We know both are important. And in both contexts–in the US with guns, and in Taiwan with the reckless disregard for basic food safety–fixing the problem feels like shoveling water at the edge of an ocean.



I don’t know how you can justify the frequency and multitude of gun violence in America other than “people accept it”. At least more so than in any other country.

What has America done since Sandy Hook? Since Virginia Tech? Since Orlando Nightclub? Absolutely nothing. And to be quite honest I doubt anything is ever going to be done when 20 school-aged kids got slaughtered at a primary school did not make any difference.

I’d go as far as saying that America is even worse in this regard in that literally nothing is being done. At least there’s active testing on food contamination in Taiwan (though how effective it’s been is obviously a big question mark).


So they’re going to destroy the eggs that fail the safety test, but that makes me wonder, how persistent a pollutant is it? When they “destory” vast quantities of eggs, does the waste just go into a landfill where what little dioxin there is in the eggs is dwarfed by other, more toxic items?


Shit! Eggs are my main source of protein… Yesterday I ate 4, today 2…

Can anybody post pictures and names of the brand’s to avoid? I usually get them at Carrefour, at 50ish…


The Ministry of Health & Welfare has some info on its main page (Chinese only – the English version hasn’t been updated since last year).

This chart is attached to one of the news items.


Another reason to avoid food grown or from the waters in Changhua.


No appeal.