Food scandal thread


What, no CASH fine? So he and his family and his company keep all the profits made from the sales?


Looks Taiwan has its own cancer villages like in China. Not much difference between China and Taiwan.


With good behavior he’ll be out in a year.


Imagine the immense profits, passing off the cheapest oil as pure olive oil.


It looks like there’s a zero missing from that bastard’s sentence.



Tons of expired meat, pork and chicken. Watch that lunch box of yours.

Company fined for selling expired meat; 15,600 kg of products sealed


Expiration dates altered


He posted the evidence on social media on May 4, after alleging that the (health) bureau was trying to cover up the news

This is the most disturbing thing from that article - the Health Bureau - the publicly paid watchdog charged with protecting the public from these unscrupulous criminals is, allegedly, doing the exact opposite - protecting the unscrupulous criminals from the public!

These are the guys, the public officials and politicians, that have to go to jail. Right now they are scoring big-time bribes with total impunity


Probably the local government branches as usual…they should all be scrapped and run centrally.


That would be a great start - perhaps with another layer of independent oversight and serious jail time and fines for offenders - but yeah, it clearly cannot be left in the hands of local officials

Corruption has become culturally entrenched in local politics in Taiwan - that’s the open, dirty secret of county life.

In fact, the chance to get your hand in the cookie jar is the primary reason that you run for government. You get there in the first place by buying the election and then you just go for it. That’s the beginning, the middle, and the ending of your whole thinking.

And if on the off-chance you do get caught, you just ‘apologize’ and say it was a ‘procedural error’. You definitely won’t need to go to jail - hell, you won’t even need to give the money back.

When you’'e got people in power who can and do commit major, organized crime without any consequences whatsoever, then sitting around hoping things will gradually improve is just not gonna cut it


The expired meat scandal came just three days after two other companies were accused of selling expired cashew nuts, almonds, oatmeal and brown sugar products. One of the products had been expired for nine years

But you will have to guess which one! :smiley:


Looks like expiry dates on food are just a cut and paste job


A Treatise on Tasty Noodles and Morals

So recently a few of my go-to restaurants have started selling 黑芝麻醬麵 (black sesame noodles).

I am a fan of ma jiang mian going back to when my boss told me you got to try this in the hot weather and we would eat at the local filthy hole-in-wall noodle shop that he loved. I thought these peanut sauce noodles were great and would have them once a week for sure (hey I had an excuse I couldn’t read back then but even when I could read it took me another five years to realize the 麻meant sesame, it also took me about three years to learn how to mix it properly lol)
They’ve been a go to of mine for years. I get pissed if I think the laoban hasn’t done them right.

Anyways, bear with me here. The point is everybody knows ma jiang mian are brown not black. Right?

The black sesame noodles are being advertised as yangsheng 養生 which means it’s good for your health, Chinese herbal stuff, organic stuff , all that.
Beside this on the new menu they wrote 真材實料zhencaishiliao. When I saw this I snapped to attention.

Because if this is the ‘real stuff’ what the fuck have I been eating for the last almost 20 years?
And isn’t the sesame that you see them grinding away in the market always black! So what’s this brown stuff?

At least I won’t be too disappointed if it was peanut sauce.


I’d say that there are different types of sessame.

If you think of Tahin (basically sessame paste) it’s brown as your dog’s diarrhea, so don’t worry much about it not being black. Worry about Taiwanese standards of hygenic and business moral instead…


I did exaggerate a little for effect as I do know of the existence of brown sesame (well after I double checked with the wife).
But why is this black one better and why is it called 養生.

What was in my brown sesame noodles all these years that was killing me? :eek:


Black seeds are supposed to be rich in iron and other minerals, and have anti inflammatory properties, hence considered healthier.

As to what was/is in your noodles, I don’t think even the cook knows.


New EXPIRED stuff…


An investigation has been kicked off to find out if the company used the expired raw materials deliberately in violation of fraud laws, the administration said.

The shit expired three years ago and they still need to investigate if it was on purpose :grinning:


So many different companies producing contaminated food, hard to memorize them all…