Food scandal thread


for sure -
i had never bought those drinks— ever —
still getting some terrible gastro from : je ne sais ou?


Just get immunity you’ll be fine maybe even good for your microbiology!
More diversity is better.


…except when it’s not. I had some nasty gastrointestinal issues late last year. Believe me: there are some forms of bacteria your body can do without!



My first three years in Taiwan I had a real.bad bout once a year. One took me about 4 months to get over. I feel ya.
But it’s been about 10 years since the last one at least!


I think sometimes the issue here is not just getting more diverse bacteria into our system–but figuring out what our bodies can handle here, and staying within those limits. At least that’s been the case for me.

Rule #1 for me: no meat on the street! :stuck_out_tongue:




Sodium Sulfite in bean sprouts.

More than 2 tonnes of tainted bean sprouts have been seized from two factories in New Taipei City and destroyed because they were found to contain traces of an unapproved chemical additive, the city’s Department of Health said on Friday.


I noticed bean sprouts were being pushed a couple weeks ago. I had a feeling something was up.


The failed products include those produced by chain beverage and food stores: Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea’s (一芳台灣水果茶) pouchong grean tea, Rabbit Rabbit Tea’s buckwheat green and Assam milk teas; Ice Monster’s mango shaved ice; and chain fast food store T.K.K. Fried Chicken’s (頂呱呱) jasmine green tea.


Excessive levels of bacteria found in 60 percent of handmade drinks (maybe this was already posted)


Has anyone eaten at MOS Burger lately?





Thanks for posting that.
What a crock of shit.
Like there aren’t any REAL food contamination issues that should be dealt with?
I grew up on the farm, I’ve been eating green bits of potato all my life, with no ill effects.

I mean, unless you consider a statistically huge schwanz, triple-digit IQ, and irresistibility to potential carnal companions to be ill effects…


Just pointing out what the issue is! I always wondered but I actually heard some expert testimony last night that there’s something to it. Having said that, maybe I’ll go get some now.


It appears to be a case of ‘the dose makes the poison’. Most vegetables have some toxins in them (although not necessarily toxins that affect humans - they’re mostly directed at insect predators, since plants can’t run away). High nitrate levels are fairly common, especially in ‘conventionally-grown’ produce. That fact would be a really silly reason to stop eating vegetables - you have kidneys and a liver to deal with such stuff.

Going apoplectic over the occasional green french fry is just ridiculous. Seems to be the usual case of regulators not really understanding why they’re regulating something.


Or trying to prevent a repeat of this:

A similar case occurred three years ago at another branch, in which a person with solanine poisoning said they became ill after eating green french fries from MOS Burger.

In the 1970s, solanine poisoning affected 78 schoolboys in Britain. Due to immediate and effective treatments, no one died.[6]

“Solanine poisoning”. BMJ. 2 (6203): 1458–9. 1979. PMC 1597169 Freely accessible. PMID 526812. doi:10.1136/bmj.2.6203.1458-a.


In Ireland we know potatoes and we NEVR eat green potatoes. No siree.

So there you go, thought you all should know.:cowboy_hat_face:


[quote=“yyy, post:137, topic:80812, full:true”]
Or trying to prevent a repeat of this[/quote]
Trying and failing.

  1. Saying you got solanine poisoning is not the same thing as actually finding yourself in the ER with a verified case of solanine poisoning. The symptoms are nonspecific and people get gut rot all the time, for any number of different reasons. Of course solanine poisoning is a thing. But you’d have to eat quite a lot of green potato, unpeeled, to feel any ill effects, and you wouldn’t do that for a fairly simple reason: green potatoes taste weird. A portion of fries is, what, 100g? How many of those are likely to be off-colour before someone notices? 1 in 10? So 10g per serving, or about 1% of the amount you’d have to ingest to feel seriously ill … assuming you don’t pick them out and leave them like any sane person would do.

  2. Green potatoes are spotted immediately post-harvest. I know this because I used to work on a potato-sorting line :slight_smile: In fact the farmer will usually do one or more inspections through the growing season to ensure his potatoes are properly hilled-up (exposure to light is what makes them turn green), since the profit margins on spuds are pretty thin.

In other words, the problem is waaaay down the supply chain, and nothing to do with Mos Burger. Somebody dropped a bollock not spotting the Grade B spuds unloaded off the boat. The words ‘horse’ and ‘stable door’ spring to mind.


Right, and flavors (like colors) are never masked or modified in any way, especially in the fast food industry. :grinning: