Food Scandals, Safety, Recalls

Taiwan has a VERY different attitude towards vendors (be it 3 star Michelin, mcdonalds or night market, all are vendors). Processing and manufacturing have WAY WAY WAY higher standards and the rules are insanely plenty. Enforcement on the other hand…it’s still Taiwan. But it’s getting real strict VERY fast!

That pic above in my post is a manufacturer, not a vendor. Different level. I guess one could say B2B vs. B2C, but it’s more complicated than just that. Open food lines, wet at that, and crates everywhere. Dirty as shit. There are rules about this, especially in regards to the actual open food processing area being separated from the packing and receiving areas. It’s still a cluster fuck, but that level of no fucks given is short lived in Taiwan. The FDA is quick to fine now. As are epa, agriculture departments, sanitation, pollution etc etc.

The grandma’s on the street. Well, I like that the government allows personal responsibility. Don’t buy it. Buyer beware. It’s different than a sealed factory product. But it is clearly dirty as fuck. I see even mcdonalds not being hygienic. That’s restaraunt reality. And it’s allowed to a certain level. Manufacturing is not allowed. The ball games are different now :slight_smile:

Another fun fact, most inspections are farmed out to 3rd party. Like so much of taiwanese governmental scape goating liability. You gotta fuck up to get the actual fda gods to come, and when they come, fines are already pre written…

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i thought its common sense that manufacturers are held to a higher standard, anywhere in the world. how ever the individual cooks it, is solely the responsibility of that individual.

You can certainly ask them what their opinions are :slight_smile: I would venture a guess that most people outside of industry are vastly uneducated about laws and manufacturing practices. Even though. Street vendor/restaraunt are actually manufacturing, albiet at smaller scale.

Taiwan likes to intentionally stay gray. Kind of like the world on China and politics. Intentionally ambiguity. Which I find disgusting and basically the root of most of our problems…it essentially breeds corruption, scape goating and getting out of jail free. Just to excuse our society being allowed to be dumb as fuck and not pisses basic standards.

Ie. Counter productive. Long term…

Hello. Nightmarkets want to have a word.

Once again I have no idea what this means

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Apologies for the autocorrect. Fixed, in bold. Should be clear as day now :slight_smile:

Piss basic standards, I think it is a medical test that has to do with the prostate?

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And round and round we go . . .


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A frozen food supplier in Kaohsiung has been fined NT$8.4 million (US$258,181) for selling expired meat, with one of the items found to having expired 14 years previously, the city’s Department of Health said in a statement released Friday.

The department said 11.4 tonnes of expired meat, including beef, chicken, duck meat, pork and goose meat, were found and seized during an inspection by the Ciaotou District Prosecutors Office on July 9.

It noted that 0.67 tonnes of goose meat, some of which expired on May 8, 2010, had expired for the longest period of time.

The company was also found to have mixed expired meat with fresh meat, then sold the mixed meat after relabeling, the department said.
Hsieh and Lin were eventually released on bail of NT$400,000 and NT$200,000, respectively, after it was determined that placing them in detention was not necessary

Prosecutors continue to investigate the case, but as of press time the company had not been ordered to suspend operations.

:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

I wonder how much they earned compared to the fine…


Aside from the scandals. We also have taiwans typical over reactions, far too many laws, laws that are intentionally vague and the obvious outcomes that no one can follow because the authorities also are not able to give clear directions.

This is starting to affect local food now (well, it always has, but now its too obvious to ignore), in a very obvious way. Example. Various importers are saying due to FDA testing strictness of taiwan, various exporters in other nations are growing tired of taiwans bullshit. Their words, not mine. Main companies now are facing a shortage of certain things. For example paprika. Expect this to be more common as we get stricter laws and regulations (a net good thing) but still lack proper…everything…and we will get left out in the dark or be left with the already inflated prices getting even more absurd.

The FDA here has repeatedly told countries like Korea to fix their the export shenanigans (eg. Their chili peppers being way over the limit on AG sprays) and even then, their governemnt has given us the cold shoulder.

I call it karma. Sad part is, the people will be poisoned due to all sides ineptitude. And for those thatcdont give a fuck, they might need to start accepting certain things will become either rare or expensive in the future
Tok bad no one listened whatever evades ago about just having a basic fucking SOP and following it…

Sigh…same ol shit. :melting_face: retards being retarded and showing us their retardation. It’s so easily avoidable, one has to wonder if it isn’t intentional the level of idiocy they express.

mixed expired meat with fresh meat,

This one is straight from the Taiwan food adulterers classic playbook.

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Why have x kilograms of safe meat and y kilograms of risky meat when you can have x+y kilograms of risky meat and save a bit of money?

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Anyone know where I can get some nicely aged goose meat? :cut_of_meat: