Food service industry health check up?


I was told that the government requires a health check up for food service industry workers, but I can’t seem to find any information on what to ask for at the hospital in Chinese. To be clear it’s not an ARC health check, does anyone know what it’s called in Chinese so I can ask for it at the hospital?


Hello Andrew you can ask the company you want to work for, there are several tests…
You can also just go to a hospital, they know which tests are suitable for which profession, they have lists for that usually study their health centers.


I just want to be sure it’s the right one, it’s suppose to be done for people who work in restaurants and touch food by law.


食品良好衛生規範 is requiring the following items to those who work in restaurants and touch food (餐飲業), in addition to items for all people required by 勞工安全衛生法 and 勞工健康保護規則.

餐飲業勞工體檢(健檢): health check for people who work in restaurants and touch food

理學檢查,胸部X光,A型肝炎Anti HAV-IgM,傷寒(血液)


I don’t think there’s a fixed term for it. At 三總 they call it 餐飲勞工自費健康檢查; at 臺安醫院 they call it 一般餐飲業健康檢查, etc., etc. It seems clear enough to call it 餐飲業健康檢查.


Thanks for the response. Just wanted to know what to ask for in Chinese so there are no confusions.