Food shortages in Taiwan, 2022

Next time you go to Hong Kong look for them.

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I really hate selfish people :sob: plus I bet half the people doing it can eat animal products. Tofu is just cheap ugh

Is it a play on words, or did they typo it? ;D

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So many markets. Was trying to find the mandarin name of the good wife grocery company. Thought google result was funny and forgot my point

Everytime I go to the store everything I can eat is out. I seriously can’t with people hoarding.

It’s not hoarding if you eat it. I don’t get why people “go to the store” that often. I’m probably older than most people here and I get everything online. Not only is there more variety, but it’s often cheaper too, and you don’t have to wait in line or tote it home. And if there’s a sale or pay system I “hoard” the crap out of anything I can store.


I’m out of food so of course I’m going to the store. Plus I have to go once a week to get fresh vegetables. It is hoarding when you get more than you need and there is a shortage. There is no need to get more than 2 weeks of regular food. Not including rice or long term storage of course. Costco doesn’t offer anything I can eat online, it’s in stores only. Plus how can you order things online when they’re out in stores??? I checked Foodpanda and UberEATS too.

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You can not ‘register’ or ‘trademark’ Welcome, but Wellcome is a trademarked name.


You are vegan right? I think the best option is investing in a deep freeze and a decent sized table to prep stuff. Being vegan in shoe box houses is quite hard. But even then a mini deep freeze (serves as a table as well) with a hotplate and a rice cooker can make a ton of stuff. I am, even after all t hese years, doing essentially just that. A full setup second hand is under 10k nt. Not ideal, but allows for almost everything. A fridge is a nice next step.

But preparing isnt hoarding. Panicking maybe is hoarding. wasting is always bad! But i grew up with generations that canned and dried summer produce to last through winter. We relished 5 year old canned pears because we knew better than to assume that we are so important as to have everything at our fingertips at anytime. Dont let youtube prepper world contaminate the word prepare and responsible :slight_smile: also dont think we deserve everything available :slight_smile:


Yeah I phrased it kind of weird I don’t think preparing is. I do think panic buying a lot is selfish. My family is really similar sounding to yours. Did you guys have a giant freezer in the garage as well? Lol

I can also recommend getting dried doupi, seaweed, and mushrooms. They are a lifesaver when I’m running out of fresh veggies and protein.
Also, all the supermarkets now have zongzi, so you can grab a couple of bags and keep them in the freezer for emergencies.

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  1. My comment was also in relation to buying online vs. “going to the store”.
  2. Do what Mayor Ko said when L3 started last may, buy more, go out less often. If you’re going to eat it, it’s not hoarding. I’m not buying more than 2 weeks of veg, unless you cook it and freeze it that’s not going to work well anyway. I do cook it and freeze it. I’m not public-spirited when it comes to food. I won’t waste anything, but I’m not going to spend more than I have to as prices climb.
    It depends on what is “out”. Costco doesn’t offer much online, Carrefour has a lot, as does Momo, Amart, RT-Mart, ETMall, and many more. Free shipping if you buy enough. I just bought a tonne of beef and chicken from Momo and i3Fresh with deep discounts, Line or JKO points return, and free shipping, and paid less than in stores. That’s all going into stews, curries and other things, and then into the freezer. I used UberEats once or twice in an emergency last year. Carrefour has rapid delivery, as fast as 1 hour, likely cheaper than Uber. There’s a new app for it but I haven’t tried it. If it’s out in one store, it’s not always out in all, and it’s often cheaper at one than the other. Some random little stores on Shoppe or Rakutan have stock other places don’t. You can get direct from warehouse also.
    If you buy more and plan in advance, it’s cheaper, too. I got 10% off at Carrefour on my most recent order.
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You could probably trademark it for a very specific purpose, like if you called your band Welcome or had a character in a book named Welcome. Then, no one else could use it for that purpose.

Rarely, how the dickens did you know that?

I didn’t spend near that much, I got a new freezer, I forget how big but about hip high and forearm long (60-80L, I’d say) for 4k. With the fridge, it stays packed but it holds everything I need even when I go vegan or low-carb. I can also strongly recommend buying one of those multi-cookers, or at least a slow cooker. It has changed how I cook and reduced the amount of easy-prep crap I eat.

We jellied and made preserves, which I think is like canning but in a mason jar.

On this we agree, as well as stupid. One should be prepared so they don’t need to panic.

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Ya haha. Rusty and everything . Lasted decades.

Once upon a time we even had winters . Back wen i was a youngin.

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Do any of you folks still have red wine vinegar available? For about a year our shops here dont have it, been a while since i have seen it. I did find one place that had grape vinegar, but ya.

I know its is luxury product/first world problem kinda thing. But damn i do miss it! Interestingly same brand but white wine vinegar is now available.

i dont use it, so havent been paying attention, but the all the other vinegars i use more often (white, rice, balsamic, apple cider) are available with no supply problem.

We just order it from wholesale, it’s Italian.

I just really want some German sausage that isn’t jam packed in salt. Ones here in Taiwan (and even in the US) is too salty. They are just right in Germany.

Possible to share a distributor in taiwan? I dont need large amounts. but i am fine to buy a box of 6 or 12 etc :slight_smile:
I can find white wine, apple all the fruit and grain ones. Just red wine has dissapeared on me. And i am realizing now how much i liked to use it!