FoodPanda & UberEats pay is so high, how?

I haven’t seen that anywhere in Taiwan, but I thought it’s also against Uber’s terms of service?

Edit: Never mind, seems I was wrong:

To help offset these costs, many restaurant owners question if they can raise their menu prices on the platform without raising them on their regular, in-house restaurant menu. The short answer is yes, you can charge more on Uber Eats than you do in your restaurant. Uber Eats allows restaurants to set their own menu prices through the platform and most restaurants do opt to charge a higher price to cover the service fees and improve their margins. In fact, studies have shown that the markup on orders placed through Uber Eats for customers is as high as 91%. Despite this, Uber Eats encourages restaurants to keep their prices in line with regular menu prices.

(I still haven’t seen it in Taiwan, but I don’t order from many places.)