Football in Taichung

I meat two guys (British and French) today at the DMV in Taichung, who said that they are playing football regularly at a school somewhere in Taichung.

I didn’t have a pen and forgot directions immediately. The only thing I can rememer is Wenxin Rd and Daya Rd intersection, KFC, up the hill…

If I follow these directions I will clearly find anything but the school where the guys play. Who can help me?

It’s highly likely the school is Morrison Academy. Sorry, don’t have a clue how to get there even though I’ve been two or three times.

Thanks, if it is Morrison Academy then I am sure I can find that. They have got a web site.

if you find out, can you post details?..

I’d be very keen on some footy, suitable venues and interested poeple are hard to find in Taichung…

OK, I will try to find it, but I won’t have time until next week.

Morrison Academy’s address is in Suinan Rd. in the western part of Beitun. Have a look at F2 in the map: … ap%201.jpg

If I remember correctly they were saying that there are people playing football on Thursdays and on Sundays, but I don’t know what time. If I can make it I’ll try next Thursday between 6 and 7

Hey I just moved back to Taichung and I’m looking to play more ball, but hopefully during the week, as weekends can be quite busy.

I’m aware of only one place to play during the week, at Shuang Shi Road by the stdium near Confucius temple. Is anyone still playing there? Anyone know the hours?

Otherwise, are there times during the week that people play at the Chaoma field? Or any teams / leagues to practice and play with beyond the pickup that used to go on at the Chaoma field?

Much appreciated,

day 2 of the taiwan fall cup today, morrison academy, taichung, quarters, semis and final. 12 to 6pm. had a great time yesterday…atleast 16?? teams. all welcome and you will be sure to meet team members for locations of practices.

the way i go is take sir ping rd off jong ching rd ( taya rd changes to jong ching at wen shin, sir ping is the 3rd red light, konica store on the corner ). go straight until you hit song joo rd, carry on and morrison is about 300m on your right, red wall and clear sign.

[quote=“plasmatron”]if you find out, can you post details?..

I’d be very keen on some footy, suitable venues and interested poeple are hard to find in Taichung…[/quote]

Ask Mike Armstrong at FM as he has the football club guys going to his place often.

04 2329 6400


Just picked up this email tonight. Went to chaoma, the university tournament is playing there but no pick-up like there used to be. Shame, as the fields look much nicer than they used to… not to mention the parking lot.
I’m sorry I missed the tournament at morrison a, i’ve never been there and would’ve liked to see the field. chaoma is a lot closer to me, so i was hoping something would be happening there.
I’ll visit FM soon.
thank you.

Did anyone get any joy with finding anywhere where people play football in Taichung?

Would love a kick-about.

Please let me know,