Football League in Taiwan looks very diverse

This Premier League team looks very diverse, did not know about this team and bit surprised people came here to play ( And get paid I assume and engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation ). But still way behind the real Premier League in skill and diversity.

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Well that says a lot about the Taiwanese league, random Japanese amateur becomes biggest star. One team, Taichung I believe, already has a bunch of Japanese veteran players in their late 30s squeezing the last drops out of their professional careers.


Football isn’t popular in Taiwan. It’s not American enough.

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For any Americans among us, football is soccer in the US.

Football in America is completely different.

Like nobody here knows that?


FIFY…The most popular sport in TW is baseball , that came to TW by way of Japan not the U.S. :slight_smile:

The only reason that team looks ‘diverse’ is because it is run by foreigners. They didn’t come to Taiwan to play football. There has been the odd coach that has come over and got hired and the odd player but usually they work in Taiwan or study and get noticed playing in the lower leagues - usually at a university or one of the foreign run teams.
Said player - I played with a few times a couple of years ago.
Some of the other teams have a foreigner or two. But they will always be predominately Taiwanese.
Football will never take off in Taiwan.


Isnt “student” status a pretty famous way of using and abusing both system and students in taiwan? Many top athletes here are foreigners, its fun that way. I love seeing 6 foot plus black sculpted gods represent the teams VIP in east asia whilst not being allowed to have many rights and doesnt understand the local language that well :slight_smile:

It should mean race isnt important and citizenship makes no distinction on skin color. And yet, somehow we still notice and care haha.

It’s taking off right now. There are thousands of kids playing soccer every week in Taipei. Football academies can’t find enough coaches. Parks are full of little toddlers chasing the round ball around. I’ve done shoots for the biggest academy, delivered over 200 individual portraits from one sitting.

Whether this feeds through into an improved national team only time will tell.


Maybe it will turn into latin america where guys would come out of the womb kicking a ball…

The number of expat/migrant teams now is phenomenal. When I arrived there were two expat teams in Taipei. Now, I’m not even sure how many. Over twenty at least and then a number of country specific clubs as well as all the teams in the migrant workers league. We’ve even got an over 35s five aside League going in Beitou with 12 teams.


I would sign up to an indoor league. Out door too hot and too much pollution

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I came to taiwan a soccer player but gave it up in months as where i lived, it was all outdoors, causing blackouts from heat :frowning: leave it to the tropical folk.

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Yes. All good. I saw it slowly grow to what there is now.
I should have said professional football. There will never be a demand for stadiums full of fans paying 2000NT+ for a ticket.
The international team’s games are free and they only attract a couple of hundred (last time I went) unless the opposition have a cute player from Korea.

And it’s mostly not touched with a foot. It should be ‘carry-around’ or ‘throw’ ball. And the ball is not a ball, it’s an egg.

In the home country these sports ‘stars’ get a fast track to citizenship.

Mostly guys with a beer belly frequenting ‘The Tavern’.

Interestingly, Taiwan was a decent, competitive side in Asia in the 50s due to many Hong Kong players. Then ofc the American influence put paid to the interest and all the other Asian nations caught up and then some.

Yes, also cute player from Japan and other places. I wonder do the guys like to see the women footballers or just care about the game on the women’s side.

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