Football (soccer) highlights online

As my usual feeding frenzy of watching Premier League/Champions league highlights have stopped due to broadcast rights, even in YT… Does anyone have a website or TV channel which shows highlights of the matches?

I’ve got a South African and French VPN from work but no UK…

I get my daily footy fixes here:


If you want to watch the CL highlights:

The Real game was pure greatness. Who’s the Sherriff in town now?

Also, the first ManU goal was a beauty.

ESPN FC if you set your VPN region to the US will show you highlights, they will only show comments and reactions if you are not in the US region:

There’s usually a one hour highlights programme of all the weekend matches, on eleven sports on Mondays, either 11-12 or 12-1pm- can’t remember.

Thanks all. Getting my fix of utd vs villareal and the last minute goal by CR7!