Football (soccer) jerseys?

Is there any place in Taipei that sells them (I’m looking for “bargain” shops, not expensive boutique/department stores)? I’ve been out shopping for a couple days now and haven’t been able to locate them. I could find really cheap ones in HK and Shanghai but they don’t seem to exist here, nor have I seen anyone around here wearing them. I was told football isn’t popular in Taiwan. Can someone help me?

I can’t wait to hear the answer to this. I’ve been looking for a year and a half now.

Oy. That doesn’t give me much hope.

Oh don’t worry. There’s a lot of stuff I don’t know :wink:

Last time i checked, i saw some in GongGuan.
Just look about in the sports stores and you might find what you need.
the Adidas and Nike outlet stores opposite NTU has some jerseys.

the internet is a better place to find jerseys.
go to Yahoo Auction (Chinese) and check it out.
Loads of stuff there… but you need to read chinese.
lots of stuff have their labels clipped… so the authenticity is dodgy.

The world cup is coming soon, so there will be some bootleg stuff trickling in from china soon…
ps. a lot of online retailers get their stuff from china when they are getting made for big events. :wink: