Football / Sport in Taoyuan

Just wondering if anyone else is interested in watching / playing football (soccer) in Taoyuan. We were in 95 (in Nankan) on Sunday night watching Newcastle and the Carling Cup final, it was a good night (especially because we won) but I was surprised we were the only ones there.

Xtrain - I know you play in Neili now and again and I’ll come down next time. Is anyone interested in a regular kickabout in Taoyuan (when the weather gets better)?

We’ll probably get to 95 a bit for the games now too, definately for most of the Newcastle games if anyone wants to come down - it’ll be good to get a bit of a crowd there.

If you need directions let me know.

we’d like to play closer to taoyuan, but there is one problem … this hole is sorely lacking in pitches.

we can’t play in the stadium, as that’s only for professionals and people’s dogs to crap on :unamused:

the gwei shan university said no to using their grounds as well.

if you know of a place … let me know. we’d all like to save a trip.

FWIW, the best pitch we know of is in long tan. it’s the seeding field for a golf course, but we can play on it. two probs: it’s a long way to go, even by car; and we need numbers, like 4 on 4 minimum to make it worthwhile. we usually can drum up 5 or 6. (far cry from the days when we had 40 people out there some 5 years ago :frowning: ). nei li always has people to play with.

when this horrible cold piss stops coming down, we’ll be out somewhere. we can usually even drum up rides if we go to long tan. i’ll try let those who are interested know.

I am defintily interested in playing soccer. Taoyuan is a bit far though.
I live in Taipei. I open to options.