⚽ Football - World Cup 2022

Lot of “fans” started leaving the arena after the 1-3… Now the seats really are empty.


Way to support the home team!

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A team that is trying till the end. Great effort.

American commentator at end of game: “hey no time outs? Shit, that gives me no breaks to think of more stupid things to say”

Reminds me of my dad speaking about tennis:
“Jesus, they spend one minute hitting a ball over a net and then they sit down for five minutes and drink a Coke!”


So the tv guy says the US has zero chance of winning this game.

Is this kind of certainty commonplace in sports broadcasting in Europe?

I mean damn, the kids moms are watching.

No they are supposed to be impartial.

Also US has a decent chance of winning

USA chants are being booed down. Stay classy England.

I’ve seen USA team play several times. They only have one chant “USA USA” really pathetic.

Crowd singing God save the King. Gives me goosebumps.


England have been poor. US looking good

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There are others. Have you met Brandon?


England being England. You know it is going downhill when the person throwing in the ball can’t find anyone to throw it to.


Huge waste from Kane there. Should have got that on target

England back to pathetic playing, wasn’t worth watching.


USA were the better team.

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US looked good

They have to beat Iran now though. Nothing but a win will do. Same for Wales.

I think in Taiwan it’s the NBA is tops in interest (got bit of shock my friend’s mum telling about NBA player arrival, thought younger people watched NBA and elders like baseball but seems NBA is now for all ages) , though lots of World Cup news at this time ! Marriott KHH has tea promo, hope to join in if I am back in time.

So who will get to the next round, looking good for my home team Japan, should get two wins within the group now. Looks like England will win group B, not sure in Group A.

Yeah NBA is way bigger in general interest, although Taiwanese go crazier for the World Cup than any other sporting event

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