⚽ Football - World Cup 2022

Who does? The US?

Yes. Anything less and they are out. England are pretty much through.

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Totally unimpressed with England. USA MLS level players were allowed to use midfield as a pissing area. What a joke. No urgency about them. It was sluggish. As if they decided to make it Sunday jog in the park. They were lucky the yanks didn’t score. Because they were never going to come back from a goal down.
After watching Spain, France, and a fantastic Brazil, I know in my heart of hearts this tournament is another heartbreak in the making.
Unless Southgate can galvanize the team with a big kick up their collective arse-holes, we’re in for another world of hurt.


Just watched the highlights of the night games.

Ecuador looked really good.

USA seemed to have way more chances. Highlights stopped at 60 mins., nothing happened in the last 30 minutes?

So the Iran win wasn’t really that telling. Iran not that bad, England not that good. Let’s see how that translates to Germany and Argentina. They should be much better by that logic.

He actually thought the performance was good. Passing along the back line again and again is building from the back apparently. The fact that he brought on Henderson tells me that he is worried more about not losing than actually winning.

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Yeah I think this point actually didn’t help us. Nice though, especially after not getting by Wales.

But it does mean that England has to try against wales. If we had won, we would have changed the whole team for the last game.

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Right. Sorry, our psychological well being is more important :slight_smile:

Iran game will be difficult for US. Iran just needs a draw to go through (probably as long as Wales don’t beat England) and will probably stick a lot of men behind the ball.


Iran played with passion, US needs to match that.

I’m not really seeing the greatest football minds of our generation in this thread.

But I’m just bitter cos my NTD50,000 play went tits up.

Tim Ream huge for the soccerballers. Come on Fulham!

I’ve followed two rules since I was a kid. Never bet against Man Utd or for England. I lose my money betting on other matches now.

I’m not happy about games I want to watch 3am Argentina v Mexico: Spain v Germany: Iran v USA:
I’m certainly not bothering with England v Wales if after Wales performance against Iran and England last night, be like 2 pub teams having a Sunday match in the park.
Hopefully next round better times on the important games.

Due to his diving, biting, stamping, and other antics, Suárez has been frequently labelled as a pest and a cheat.[428][429] In December 2013, Spanish football website El Gol Digital ranked Suárez at fifth in its list of the world’s dirtiest footballers.[

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Clearly you never listened to Vin Scully

Well. There could be some truth here. For me and many fans its an emotional situation:
We have to beat those arrogant Americans.
But, if Southgate is all logical and wants to “Not Lose” then that is one way to advance out of the group. Although usually I would say he should have controlled the midfield more. Which they did in the first half but looks like the yanks got fired up in the second half and took hold of the midfield.

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Not now he’s dead.

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You do understand he’s the coach now right? He can’t actually control the midfield.

Marriott KHH (Kaoshuing) promo for more civil time vs the pub ha

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Suppose its a sign of the times: World Cup football and tea and cakes. Not a beer in sight.

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