⚽ Football | World Cup 2022

To be fair, you can visit a pub it seems anytime (24H), was visiting in England went to pub for cheap breakfast and a sizeable amount of people drinking hard drinks for the start of the day

True enough. That is the conundrum with alcohol I find: its hard to draw the line.
Couple beers every now and then is great. Problem is it is so easy to abuse.
Actually, these days I hardly drink at all.
One of the reasons I am not watching any games out of the house until the knockout stages.


That’s normal in England

The Aussies won! Would like see them advance, would be a surprise.

SA is coming out hot.

Poland is playing elbows out. Damn. Three yellow cards already.


Great save. Happy about that.


After watching Brazil and Spain play their wonderful fluid selves, I was hoping England would do same in, perhaps, EPL style. But it was not to be. 2006 all over again. Great team but no forward momentum. I hope it all changes in the knockout phases where they will have to attack the tough teams.

I think my stream is slower. SA penalty kick?


Great save, terrible recovery. Slow af stream! Lol

Yes. Sorry for the spoiler. 48 minutes. Now.

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No worries. SA are flopping all over the place.

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That is going to be a hell of a game. A fight to the death. Will be glued to that one.

Wtf is going on ? No one touched that guy.

“Setting the scene”

This game is great

Saudi Arabia has been the better team but that’s football

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Will they have to return their cars?

Score should be 2-2 right now if the Saudis didn’t have pathetic finishing today

Saudis with 64% possession, 15 shots (POL: 9) 5 shots on target (POL: 3) and still losing 2-0…

Shots yes, but not great shots.

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Karma–they are playing for a country that sanctions terrorism, beheadings, civil rights abuses etc.

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