⚽ Football | World Cup 2022

Yeah yeah and England passes off offal as food. Lol

I was just thinking that. Lewandowski may need to be careful about visiting Turkey (or on the way back to the hotel, this is Qatar after all).

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I’ve been to Jeddah and Doha—wouldn’t put the nastiest shit past these […].

I’d like to fly this flag in both
Byzantine flags and insignia - Wikipedia


I once argued with a Turkish kebab seller near my office in Taipei that the correct name is Constantinople, not Istanbul.

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“listened” is the past tense of listen. But I digress, Legends like Vin never truly die, they live on in our hearts.And nobody ever called baseball games as well as Vin.

@taiwandude - Yeah. I’m with yer. The baseball announcers are cool, basketball too. I suppose its the (American) football announcers that really irk me.

Try listening to the Taiwanese ones. They don’t stop to breathe. They must get paid by word.
Even for golf and snooker, they prattle non-stop.

Home team JPN playing, hope for win, draw is ok though

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Either the Japanese are being merciful or the other team finally got some :fried_egg:

haha, yes Costa Rica doing ok so far!

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Japan have suddenly woke up. It’s backs to the wall stuff from Costa Rica now.

GOAL, but not for my team

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I don’t think Japan will qualify now. Germany will be looking to not lose later and then beat Costa Rica in the last game.

I noticed a lot of empty seats in the crowd. So shit.

Read this on BBC sports that makes the Costa Rica win more astonishing.


  1. Fuller scores Costa Rica winner their first shot on target of World Cup.
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thanks for this pointer to an English language option with Chunghwa / Hami
…how do you find that menu?

I also found a button on my remotewhich switches language

If you are watching a normal cable channel, the button on the remote works.

Hami is a web based. If you are on mobile, I’m not sure that menu comes up. In that case, you have to choose one of the other streams. Choose the elta ones.

I’m on ELTA channel 200 on home Internet box
not really sure what is Hami tbh but I see it mentioned on some menus

Ok, so your remote should work. Does it?

Japan’s victory over Germany now feels a bit lucky or Costa Rica is not as bad as Spain made them look in the first game?

I guess Germany will manage not more than a draw against Spain, so this group will be decided on the last day. If Spain wins against Germany, they will play a B team in the last game, giving Japan the chance to to get the points they need. Germany better show up tonight.

the remote button does switch language, so fixed :+1:

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