For anyone visiting Korea this December


Hello everyone long story short our family’s travel plan to :kr:Korea got cancelled on a short notice,

:grimacing:So now we have a couple unused Gift Certificates :tickets: for “Paradise City Hotel and Resort” :european_castle:. It’s a bummer we couldnt go, I heard it’s one of the largest hotel in south korea and they have this private casino that claims to be the largest in Korea as well.

We have gift certificates for the Casino, and
a 3 night stay voucher at their Premier Deluxe room.

If you’re interested in buying the gift certificates or the vouchers, I’m selling it for almost half the price just to make up for our plane tickets😭 head over to this link for more details or pm me directly.

Here’s the website of the Hotel/Resort check it out for yourself it’s pretty cool😉

Thank you for your time,
Have a great day everyone