For cripes sake

Someone say something controversial, racist or at least inflammatory. I need to kick start my afternoon. :smiley:

While you’re waiting I was wondering why cripes sounded edible.

What’s or who’s a cripe, and why would you want to do anything for its sake? :stuck_out_tongue:

2006 Quality of Life Index

And the winner is

…and they are flaming…Suzette!

I love you!

Next time tell me in a P.M.

Next time tell me in a P.M.[/quote]

It’s dirtier in a PM.

And we like that.

Buncha sickos!

A metric bunch!

Yer a cock. Cock, cock, cock, yer a cock!


A METRIC cock, cock, cock, cock…

Are you smoking crack?

You are what you eat!