For Dads and Husbands

What online forums do you visit, or online newsletters do you subscribe to?

I’m looking for places that have good content and sell low-cost newsletter or banner advertising. US based, Canada, UK, Australia. Thanks!

None any use to you though. I do go over to your site though occasionally :wink: .

My husband gets babycenter’s news letter.

Baby Center,

Are Nos 1 & 2 for me…

Oooh, good start. Thanks housecat and roc.

Thanks Amos. You mean parentpages, right? The one I want to buy space for is a retail site, and I’ve found that daddies like to buy pretty things for their little girls.

Whoops. Maybe not. Very, very expensive. I should have guessed that.

Did a google and found some really nice smaller sites that look interesting.