For foreigners who have legally stayed over 180 days in Taiwan, MOI will provide automatic 30-day visa extensions

The NIA posted this announcement, along with the fifth visa extension. I entered on a visa-free tourist entry (US citizen) on Feb 15, so my 180 days will be up in mid-August.

Originally, they said that the total period of stay could not exceed 180 days, but the new announcement that I linked above makes it sound like I would be able to stay for more than 180 days. Does this new announcement apply to tourists, i.e., will I qualify for the fourth and fifth visa extensions?

Thanks for your help!

Go ask nia Monday, they are helpful!


Thanks! I’ll do that and report back here, in case anyone else has this question.

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“For foreigners who have legally stayed over 180 days.”

You, as a visa-exempt visitor, have not (and can not) legally stay over 180 days, so this does not apply to you.
This is more for people with long(er)-term visas that expire soon. One example might be a teacher who did not get their contract renewed, so their residency visa will expire.

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Im from usa and came here 1/28 visa exempt and paid to get a $5800 visitor visa before my 90 days Was up.
Now im on a 30 day extension after my 180.
Not sure thats why nia can help answer questions and hopefully help you

How did you get a visitor visa while in Taiwan? I thought you have to be outside Taiwan to get a visitor visa.

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I changed mine in tw @boca i qualified for a special case due to a ungoing family court case. Rules have changed a bit due to china sickness.

What rules changed? I tried to apply for a visitor visa for studying Chinese and BOCA said I had to go to a different country to apply.

I’m here on a special extension now. Does it apply to me?

This is the question.

I had the same initial reaction as the OP, mostly out of excitement, but when I read the BOCA version of the announcement then went back to read the MOFA announcement with that context, it was clear that, as aforementioned, this only really applies to people who can legally stay more than 180 days already, which a standard visa exempt entry is not allowed, because even with all those automatic extensions, The limit is still 180.

However, they do give special extensions on a case by case basis, which technically means that you are legally allowed to stay more than 180 days.

To the OP, if you go into immigration, they will probably tell you that it doesn’t apply to your situation, but a prudent question to ask would be if you could get the special extension, and then if this would apply to that circumstance, so basically the special extension you would get would be 60 days instead of 30.

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One rule that changed is they allow folks to stay past 180 .
Yes i know the (student) visa requires folks to leave i think that should be changed
I dont know if there is a list of nia and boca changes due to china sickness but there should be one

Thank you for the information and suggestion! I may roll up and ask for a special extension next week, since I’m waiting for my gold card application to process. It’s getting down to the wire, and I’m getting a bit nervous, especially since airlines seem to be randomly cancelling flights (looking at you, China Airlines…).

According to several people on facebook who today contacted immigration, this extension apparently applies to everyone in spite of the announcement saying it is only for foreigners who have legally stayed over 180 days. And it is so many that it seems unlikely to be fake news. But the wording of the announcement itself certainly does not seem to fit with this. :thinking:



I really wouldn’t make these sort of blanket statements unless you actually work for immigration.


Thank you very much. That is great. Could you also please kindly share the link of the page from which your screenshot is taken? I thought this is Twitter, but I cannot find it in Twitter. Thanks!

It’s a comment on this post:


Exactly. There is only one place that you can get a definate answer. Grab your passport and pay your local Immigration Office a visit.

I am still confused by the phrasing. Does this mean that the extension is available, but not automatic and needs to be applied for?