For Gun Owners Only

(Let me just preface that I definitely support common sense gun laws such as background checks. Responsible gun owners don’t fear that and most NRA members support it, too.)

So now. Can we have a thread where we talk about our guns… First, the big question: Does anyone here own any :gun:s? Let’s as responsible, legal gun owners talk about our collection.

Cause I can’t really do that openly in real life, in LA :idunno: .

Responsible gun owners unite (but like, on the internet, anonymously)!

(P.S. This is an enthusiast thread, now that I’ve gotten basic stance out of the way, I do not wish to further discuss politics—I’m sure there’s a place for that in IP.)

In Taiwan I carry my gun in my pants. That’s where it stays until the wife lets me have a whiskey

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I have Big GUNS.

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A few shotguns, a few handguns, and a. 22 crow-blower rifle. Me thinks @Andrew0409 has an armory of these toys.

Nice! What do you hunt, mainly?

I still have a 25 year old Super Soaker 50 in storage somewhere. Does that count? :thinking:


ducks, geese, and pheasant

“Get out of our room, Drew!”

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Well Taiwan doesn’t have a gun culture. All people have are airsoft guns but some people shoot dogs with them…


I need a good hunting trip soon.

Most around me are law enforcement and military. So instead of rifles, we’re at the range (or the desert) with SCARs, M4s, and desert eagles.

I always wondered why you wrote that in your user name. Perfect occasion for asking. Got a big rack?

what kind of hunting?
big game, third world?

Soda bottles. Beer bottles.

Might start with a good Remington for beginners hunting methinks?

I’d want to eat what I hunt so maybe will start with smaller game. I would not know how to begin skinning an elk.

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What the what???




Refer to the title beneath my username.

Some Taiwanese, especially the blue collar type, seems to find shooting dogs with airsoft guns as a favorite past time. I’m not condoning it by the way and it may be against the law but just saying they do that…