For Gun Owners Only

Or… They may be the same person? On the phone and on a laptop maybe :thinking: . Or spouses.

Heating up yet, @hanna149?

got a 1911, too.

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That’s an og one ain’t it? Old school, humble, dependable.

Served thru both WWs, Korean and Vietnam.

Had to do research years ago for a school thing.

yeah. tank commanders looked cool with their issued one

Yea in the movie Face Off Castor Troy had a pair of gold plated 1911…

Remington 1187 is nice to start with.
Try to get adjustable choke.

A 1911 is a beautiful piece of machinery and has seen battle in some of our most important wars.

It’s also a great defensive weapon for the house. It’ll stop a NFL linebacker in his tracks. It would be the hand gun I choose for a home invasion. It feels great in your hands but it does take some practice to get a hang of It.

I guess Purdeys don’t count on here :pensive:

You should be really good with pistols and use hollow point rounds with 1911’s though. 7 round capacity isn’t a whole lot. Especially a Glock 17 is essentially the same size (maybe slightly smaller and lighter, at least to me it is), and 9mm has about the same stopping power as 45 ACP because it’s a higher velocity round. But you get 17 round capacity in Glock 17 rather than only 7…

For home invasions a shotgun is much better anyways. Someone racking a shotgun has to be the most terrifying sound any home invader would ever hear, and one shot in their general direction always stop them cold. Over penetration is also less of a concern with shotguns.

dont shoot shoot shoot that thing at me


its a good song!

Au contraire, it is a family heirloom.

I’d rather just move to a better neighborhood than worry about HI.

Taiwan_Luthiers lives in Taiwan. I’m struggling to think of a bad HI neighborhood in Taiwan. I’m sure somebody will reference the home invasion of the South African guy 20 odd years ago, but other than that Taiwan doesn’t seem to me to warrant having a shotgun under the pillow.

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MOst places don’t. And most break ins aren’t home invasions neither.

That said, my overunder .20 gauge rabbit killer is in the closet.

Having one is also a capital crime too, so the only gun I own is a spray gun. It shoots paint. It needs a compressor in order to do that.

How much heirloom can an heirloom be? Does it spark joy? If not…

I live in a pretty great neighborhood… but every so often you still get the odd whacko that decides to open your gate and walk thru or hop your fence

Where do you hunt rabbits?

Yeah but once those animals get cancer huffing that paint… :skull:.
You twisted sob, you.


Old fashioned , like me :slightly_smiling_face:

We were talking about the 1911 and old Remingtons :beer:

Plus, Wasn’t Albert Finney carrying one of those in Skyfall?

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It might be surprising to know that they’re fairly common in Italy. And not where most would think in cities. But in small towns and country sides.

My girls family’s different properties have been broken into many time times now. Gold, jewelry and silver taken. They have to get private security and many people do get some form of it with people driving around at night to check. Last summer someone tried to break in when I was sleeping.

Getting caught your first time is basically a petty offense and they let you go because prisons are too packed. And they’re almost always immigrants from certain areas unfortunately.