For real ... a Christian tablet ... really?

Our full-color touch display e-reader puts thousands of ebooks at your fingertips! Download your favorites through our pre-loaded Family Christian Reader app and enjoy edifi’s suite of family-friendly features including: Safe Search Wi-Fi web browsing, access to nearly 30 English Bible translations with the YouVersion Bible app and Christian internet radio via apps by K-LOVE and Air1. Plus, check email, social networks and display photos. Tap, swipe, read!

No porn, no gossip? No Playboy … only bibles and ‘Christian stuff’ for reading?

Can’t one just get an ordinary tablet and install Internet safety controls and Bible software on it?

they should make the lock screen the 10 commandments

I actually got this thing but no one even wanted to look, they were too busy with their Apple and Android stuff. I got so pissed I wound up dropping it and it broke of course. They said they’re going to give me a new one though.

The New Tablet comes in gold and can be found at the top of your nearest holy mountain. Tip- look for the burning bush.

Shit, HH, you beat me to it!

Feel like your friends are getting more out of God lately?
Getting fed up with ‘Out to lunch, will answer your prayers later’?

Get the The New Tablet today and you can bring Divine Inspiration with you wherever you go.

So… if I go to church this week-end, I must silence my mobile, but I can whip this thing out without scrutiny?

instead of Siri … this guy