For Sale: Dell XPS 13" Laptop + Dock + eGPU (RX580 8GB) + 27" 4k Monitor

Dell XPS 13” 7390 (estimated at ~$20k NTD):

Dell TB16 180W Thunderbolt 3 Dock (estimated at ~$1,200NTD):

Akito Node eGPU (estimated at ~$5k NTD):

MSI AMD RX580 8GB (estimated at ~$8k NTD):

Philips 27” 4k Monitor (estimated at ~$5k NTD):

Total that comes out to around $40kNTD, but bundled I’d be willing to go down to $35kNTD.

Hoping to sell it all as a bundle before selling it out in parts :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask any questions – a very capable 1080p gaming setup (as well as being an excellent laptop on-the-go). I used it for software development + light gaming, but could also see it being an excellent setup for a student!

Currently located in rural Hsinchu, so likely would need to ship it (still have most of the original boxes)