For Sale: Ikea sofa and Ikea adjustable laptop table

The table is 400 - can be picked up at MRT in Taipei.

The sofa is 2500 - I can’t deliver - must be picked up in New Taipei City (Yung-he, Nanshijio-ish area). It’s around a year old, as new. Original price 10,000. Please check the dimensions - it’s bigger than it looks in the photo.

still available

Karlstad sofa still available, can sell for 2000

table is still available

I have this sofa as well. It’s a nice one. But my cat has scratched the vertical fabric :weary:

Yeah. This is the largest, cheapest sofa they have. I like it because I can lie down head-to-toe on it, and it has hard cushions, rather than the soft ones. I use a large throw blanket to hide the “office-edge-gray”