FOR SALE: iMac 27 inch 2010

see pics for specs, perfect condition
ram has been upgraded to 8gb
very big and heavy, in person only Taipei
price: 8500

7500? open to offers


I don’t mean to lowball, but you are way too high. I recently got a few 2015 21.5" iMacs from a company that was upgrading their PCs for NT$1500.

Why not just give it away to someone in need? The feeling you’ll get is much better than a few thousand NT.

2015 21 inch iMacs go for 14000-16000 on marketplace, so you got a pretty good deal. I would say this is a fair price for a brain tumor-inducing 27 inch screen (unless it’s the tumor talking.)

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Wow, people really are sheeple for Apple stuff. You can get current AIO for that price.

Maybe I should have sold them instead of giving them away.


Good luck.

It’s a freak show, for sure. A 2010 iMac 27 inch is 8000-9000 there (FB marketplace). 50-60% of that is what I’m after.

would you consider 5k or tell me to f off politely? :sweat_smile:

2010 iMacs are problem PC’s, lot’s of negative reviews about screen problems.

ow, crap, didn’t see it was 2010, thought it was 2015 due to another post.

No thx.

No problems with this one - screen is fine.