For sale: Mavic R-sys wheel set

Got a mate leaving Taiwan who wants to sell his Mavic R-Sys wheels. Hardly used. Paid NT$45k about 2 years ago. Includes tubes and tyres. Shimano freehub

Looking for NT$30k

Pic’s to follow if there’s any interest

How many kms on them?

Pics would definitely be appreciated!

Don’t have an accurate figure, but no more than 1000km


He’s leaving Taiwan next week.

Leaves Tainan before spending final few days in Taipei, so delivery locally up there should be easy enough

a bit offtopic but… what’s the deal with the spoke that has a different color in some Mavic wheels? usually the color is yellow, but in this set it seems to have just some white pattern.

I think it’s their branding/ trademark kind of thing. My Ksyriums have one spoke with decals on it.

So, a style feature? Their identity? Some marketing guru will probably explain. :wink:

Definitively some marketing something. I have read that it helps to find the valve too :smiley:
Anyway, going to ride now! too much talking bikes, not much riding them.