For Sale: RS Taichi Tank Bag and Jacket

Didn’t want to put post this in Buy/Sell because only bikers would know the value of these items in here. I’m selling a RS Taichi tank bag, it’s in perfect condition. It had reflective lining and comes with a rain cover. The bag sticks to the tank by magnets woven into the bag. It will NOT move around, even at 240km/hr (don’t ask me how I know), and will NOT scratch your paint. I bought it for $5500NT, but will sell for half that price. … iew=search

I’m also selling a RS Taichi (blue or red) all-weather jacket. It has full armor inside (elbows, shoulders, back). It is also water proof, but breathable (Gortex). Bought it for $7000NT. Selling for $4000. I’ve worn it 3 times.

…oh my…here comes the competition!..among canucks eh!!