For the love of God, help

I would like to move to Taichung-and ditch out on my contract with my agent- I also have an ARC with a school full of shiesty owners- I know it is illegal for my agent to renig on my trust fund-however how does the whole tax return thing pan out- I have been here 5 months, and I hate my company and Taouyuan-it is time for me to move elsewhere-but what are the logistics of it all, will they not give me back my 10% return if I change cities or change schools?-What other fiscal concerns should I be worrying my pretty little head about- let me know- would appreciate it greatly

Maybe this answer is a bit late, but here goes. In theory, your employer deducts tax from your pay and gives it to the government. Therefore, if you get a withholding statement from your employer before you leave, stating how much money you were paid, and how much tax they deducted, you just take this statement to the tax office in the spring and use it to calculate your taxes. You will be able to get back the overpayment.
The only problem is if your employers are not actually handing the money over to the government. If they are just pocketing it, there will be no withholding statement for you.