For those who live in Taiwan and like it

Hi, my friend just created a nice picture about Taiwan, I want to share it with you :wink:

Original image

Why the stupid Chinese panda?

Is that a sad panda?

No kidding. Do artists in Taiwan have any clue about the place they live in?

It will be after me and my TAIWANESE Black Bear kick it in the nut sack!!

Yeah, my initial reaction was just: :ohreally: :doh:

Remember that guy who designedthose figurines for 7-11 and they looked like Hitler? He had no idea any one would make that connection. The contract was his big break after a decade of hard work and he just blew it and ended up losing the contract.

It was a good idea for China . Because the Panda is a symbol of China. Taiwan needs another symbol. Whats a good symbol for TAiwan?

The beetlenut? The bamboo viper? The sweet potato? The Taipei 101 ?

The Formosa Black Bear, with its unique white swish-swoop. I have a shirt with the swish-swoop on the front and “I love Taiwan” on the back. I wear it often in China, in the hope of antagonizing the dickhead nationalistic “Taiwan province belongs to us” mouthbreathers.

No luck yet :whistle:

But how and why does the “I” pander to Taiwan?

Ok, well, many people have no idea about different issues until they hear about it. So instead of being nasty, how about telling the story.

See, China has missiles pointing at us. We often have to do air raid drills to make sure we know what to do if such an attack happens. China has about 1500 missiles pointing at us. THe pandas were given to us (I think? other countries have to pay a lot of money to keep them, and need to return them one day…if I have it right) as a ‘peace offering’ but the missiles are still there.

To paraphrase a line from Ted: Are those hugging missiles?

Maybe you should get the one where Formosa bear is , ehem, showing his affection to the panda. 450nts in Ximending’s Red Theater.

Okay, the story is: I went to Taipei’s Zoo and visited the pandas there. I really liked them. Here is one video I have:

I understand that you guys are concerned about relationships with China, but I don’t think panda cares about it. It is just cute. And anyway, I think panda likes Taiwan.

I’ve bought a small teddy panda for my friend and sent it to her. She liked it and designed that picture. That’s already done, you cannot change it :stuck_out_tongue:
If you don’t like it - find a better symbol that is unique to Taiwan. Not just a sweet potato or a black bear, they have a lot of these in USA, what else Taiwan is famous for?

As for me - I like the name “Kingdom of Fruits” :slight_smile:

Thank you guys :wink:

pandas, Mr/Mrs Wu Mao.

Why the Greek letters? This is Taiwan, not Greece!

The Formosan Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus formosanus) is found nowhere else but Taiwan.
Gets my vote any day, especially over anything labelled as “cute”.

<sigh. fine. maybe being nasty is ok.>
Being nasty is never okay :wink: Thanks for that story, but I am not going to dislike the pandas because of some stupid politicians with their missiles

Because this is about “design” my friend.
Check yourself here:

I’ve checked that “Formosan Black Bear”, and now I remember him. He was really cute in the zoo, I’ve also got a video with him:

I will ignore your silly post.

Not sure if you can view the youtube videos, coz I cannot. And since I haven’t found the edit button on the posts. Here are the links to u2be:

am i the only one who sees the “w” as a pair of breasts?

Betenut babes (檳榔西施).

There’s nothing more representaive of true, earthy Taiwanese culture, and not much that’s more pleasing to the eye!