For those whose apartments don't have a water dispenser, how do you get your drinking water?

That’s interesting… I’ve never really thought about the quality of the water that goes in. I just figured that whatever comes out must be clean.

I’m quite confident that these water stations are well regulated. A contaminated water supply would be a massive news scandal and the operator would be sued to shit!

Then again… with heavy metals, my understanding is that they have a cumulative effect on the body, so any adverse effects might go unnoticed for years.

Brita pitcher with MAXTRA+ Limescale filter, then boil.

A little off to the side of the track, but I do recall two events that frightened people form drinking water.

  1. The great run on bottled water in parts of the USA following the 911 attacks when some arsenic attacks (mostly in the mail), caused worry about water supplies for a while in some places which quickly emptied Supermarket shelves of bottled water.
  2. And wasn’t there a scandal in Taiwan 10 years or so back when some bottled “spring water” was found to be tap water?

It was all found to be tap water. Every single brand except for 多喝水

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I live alone but still buy those office cooler sized (20L) bottles with a dispenser provided by the company. They deliver 5 bottles at a time, you buy 50 in a batch. $70 a bottle. There’s a few choices of the actual water you want. Been using them since around 2004 I think. That year we had water rationing all across Taiwan and I had been boiling tap water previously since getting here in 1996 but I got sick from it because the conditions here got so bad. Messed my guts up real bad for a few weeks. I’m happy to pay for delivery, it’s too important to me.

Sorry. To clarify, my mention of know the source was more if you arent using those stations. The stations are usually government piped water or trucked water in areas without the water pipe infrastructure.

Heavy metal i would worry about for river/mountain/well water. Not so much with proper stations. But there are horror stories with stations, so check.