For what don't you pine

Well, now we are discussing all the thingies we miss about back home

But… We ended up here, and at least some of us here came here because they felt that things would be better here somehow.

don’t count me in, I made the choice to pursue the chance of living in Asia when I was 20, and well… have been planning for that since…

But are there things you hate about home, and which you don’t miss?

Let me start:

  1. Weather.
  2. Taxes.
  3. Range of jobs available.

Proximity to America.

As mentioned in the other thread, 14.5% tax on ev-er-y-thing except for food.

1)Having to drive for 15 minutes to get to the nearest 7~11.
2)Price of cigarettes
4)fat chicks :astonished:

What I miss:

  • an authentic pain au chocolat
  • roasted marshmallow ice cream (Greg’s in Toronto)
  • Le Paltoquet (patisserie in Montreal)
  • running in the city
  • CIS football
  • women with dimples
  • trendy clothes
  • 24-hour public transportation
  • chicken spinach salads
  • Mike’s submarines

What I don’t miss:

  • suburbia
  • high taxes
  • prices ending in 8 or 9
  • expensive cab rides
  • Leafs fans
  • Louis Vuitton handbags (real or fake)
  • junk mail
  • telemarketing
  • Reality TV
  • spending entire Sundays watching football

Try the Liz Gastro bakery just off the lobby in the Landis Hotel. Corner of Minquan East Road Sec 2 and Jilin Road. TWD35 each. Their French bread is also very authentic.

What I don’t miss:

  • closed minded, provincial attitudes
  • redneck attitudes
  • the condition of being over-educated and under-employed
  • much more red tape in your life
  • general higher cost of living
  • excessive taxation
  • boring food
  1. the constant : “and like… and then like… and I was all like…”
  2. heaping portions at restaurants
  3. bumble bees
  4. expensive car syndrome
  5. kids who dress and look like thugs/gangsters

American women.

[quote=“MaPoSquid”]American women.[/quote] :fume: :fume: :fume:

But anyway,

Reality TV shows that are in their 6th/7th season
Chicago Weather in the winter
Chicagoans that call areas ‘neighborhoods’ WTF :noway:
All the 'NO_CARB" advertisment :loco:
Newspapers that only dicuss stuff from an American point of view
Customer Service
Having to deal with phone systems before talking to a REAL person
Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, etc.
Poor rap passed off as the hotest thing
American love of all things BIG
Cigarette Prices
Comericals promoting the lastest prescription drug for the latest disorder :unamused:
Talkshows with ‘judges’ on them
People who don’t have common sense
People on Dr.Phil complaining about their spouses,children,etc…
And on and on…

And I don’t miss thin sexy women with black hair :slight_smile:

  1. The Religious Right.
  2. Crappy, expensive public transportation.
  3. Insane medical costs.
  4. Frivolous lawsuits.
  5. Tipping.
  6. Fox News.
  7. Rush Limbaugh.
  8. The distance from Southeast Asia.
  9. Low savings-to-income ratio.
  10. Sales taxes that are not included on the advertised price.
  11. People who are clueless about anything outside the US.
  12. Guns.
  13. Pants that are baggy to the point of insanity.
  14. The Atkins Diet craze. I even saw a vodka ad that said “No carbs”.
  15. “Hi, I’m Mandy, and I’ll be your waitress for today.” I’d much rather have a surly laobanniang who says “Whaddya want?” in Chinese.
  16. Pierced tongues. Yuk.
  17. Illegalized lane-splitting. (Except in California.)
  18. Low proportion of amazingly beautiful babes.

[quote=“bushibanned”]1. the constant : “and like… and then like… and I was all like…”

And its bastard sibling:
“And I’m all… and she was all…and then I’m all…”

i forgot some very important ones:

cowboy hats, boots, buckles, jeans and the people who adorn themselves in them

men who only talk about cars and motorcycles

power brokers in their power suits drinking their power decaf double tall non-fat no foam extra hot light whip double cupped stabucks mocha

last call at 1:45 am so the bar can close at 2am

regis philbin

Taxes in california
The cost of buying/renting/maintaining a home in southern california
Blonde people
Fashionable, trendy people
Fake poser people
Wannabe’s - if you have to ask, you might be one
Skinny people who think they are ‘fashionably thin’
People who look at your wrist before they look you in the eye
People who talk about how much their house has increased in value to impress you
People who live for shopping
Small portions at trendy restaraunts at high prices
1001 different types of Martini’s - there is only 1 type of Martini. All the others are mixed drinks.
Good cigars - (not bought in cali since taxes went up)
Shooting ranges and shooting - (and my penis is just fine, thank you kids for asking)
I’m sure there are other things I don’t miss, but I had pretty much weeded out the BS prior to coming here.

You can get plenty of that in Taiwan…

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]1001 different types of Martini’s - there is only 1 type of Martini. All the others are mixed drinks.

As a former bartender, I say “Amen to that!”

what I do NOT miss is:

“… hey…look … look at those… he bought his woman from Thailand…”
[heard behind me several times]
“Got yourself a Thailand girl?” [guy on bike passing by]

Or conversations like that back home:

[color=blue]Friend: “… I really must warn you about those Thailand women, since you are together with [Name]”

bob_honest: ummm… no thx, not necessary

Friend: no, you really got to listen to this, I am serious: a friend of friend married one from Thailand and …

bob_hoest: thx buddy, but…

Friend: no its really really important, you have to listen to me now …

[repeat this 3 times]

Friend: They want your money and come to Europe or USA, than they get divorced and take all your money [blablablablablablablablabalaba]


Friend: …ups…[/color]

Sometimes they ask at this point:
“… where is that?”

[miss all the rest, though]

  1. Questions about your age, marital status, number of kids, monthly salary, and whether you like Taiwan, asked daily.
  2. “Hello! How are you!”
  3. Infantile women who talk like infants.
  4. Greasy food.
  5. The utter lack of attention to details (about anything) which inevitably leads to problems down the road.
  6. “Mei guanxi!”
  7. The utter lack of intellectual stimulation, save for the study of Chinese itself.
  8. The disappointing realization that there just isn’t that much worthwhile material to read in Chinese when compared with Western literature. There is some, obviously, but not that much.
  9. The oppressive humidity.
  10. The oppressive pollution.
  11. The oppressive architecture.
  12. The unrelievedly banal media.
  13. The earthquakes (I’m a “pre-9-21” vintage foreigner).

Oh, and this should probably be number 1:

Teaching TEFL!

I’m going to tell April you said that.

Nobody mentioned PacBell!

Nobody mentioned PacBell![/quote]

PacBell? Hm, they weren’t so bad. Nynex otoh :fume: