Forced extraditions to China


But visa free entry for Thai tourists? Strange.


I’m talking about China’s leverage on foreign countries treatment of Taiwan.
There’s not much point in Taiwan causing problems for foreign visitors or offices, counter productive .
The more open Taiwan is the better in general.


What I mean is it makes me wonder how far the Go South policy can go until it runs into a China roadblock.


Indonesia deports Taiwanese fraud suspects to China: MOFA


I think we can safely conclude that if a Taiwanese commits a crime in southeast Asia that results in deportation, he will be deported to China from now on.


Now with family teams


Here is an example why China wants phone scammers sent to their place

Thrice Arrested: Same Person Organizes Three Telecom Fraud Rings in Three Years

Source: United Daily News

November 2, 2017

In 2014, Huang Hsin-wen (黃信文) was arrested for telecom fraud in the Philippines, and repatriated to Taiwan. After being released on bail, Huang changed his name to Huang Li-cheng (黃利誠) and went back to the Philippines to commit fraud again. However, Huang was arrested and repatriated to Taiwan once again.

The prosecutors and police pointed out that regarding Huang’s fraud cases in the Philippines, last May, the Kaohsiung Branch of the Taiwan Provincial High Court found him guilty of telecom fraud, handing down a 13-month prison sentence and a 6-month one, respectively, but Huang was allowed to pay fines in lieu of serving time in jail. The ruling was final.

A month ago, Huang recruited 12 men and rented a house in Changhua County to reestablish his telecom fraud call center. Yesterday, he was arrested for the third time.


And yet some delusional people continue their laughable narrative of “Taiwanese in Southeast Asia are abducted by China.” :sweat_smile:


From the PI:

81 Chinese, Taiwanese held in raid vs cyberfraud


Latest is 44 Taiwanese charged in Latvia with Telecom fraud. This has been a daily news bit for years now. How many thousands are out there? Taiwan is sure making a reputation for themselves. Nigeria would be impressed


Send them to China. Who cares. Taiwan is better off without them coming back here. My wife gets about 30 spam calls or messages a day. I receive about half that much. We even get calls past midnight. It’s reached a breaking point where I have no sympathy for these idiots.


Taiwan does have global brands after all . . .:grin:

And Taiwan is getting tough as butter with these guys. Listen to this

"People in Taiwan usually complain that the local judicial system imposes light sentences for fraud compared to China and other countries, allowing offenders to make a quick comeback in other countries after only two to three years in prison, though in China the prison term could be 10 years. As a result, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has proposed a plan to implement at least a one-year outbound restriction on the offenders after their release from prison.


My co-worker and I were talking about this because for example in Spain they caught over 200. My co-worker argued that while maybe half are bona fide crooks, half are programmers and others who did not know what they were hired for. They were offered jobs abroad with great salaries and fell hook and bait for it.

That worries me more than the cheating. Again, an educational system that does not help kids spot a liar. Too good to be true offers. My pal argued that after the first salary they are hooked. That means they made a choice to stay…or were prevented to do so. Maybe their passports were taken as people do here with SEA workers. Or they just do not care what a job entails, just the money. There is also a lot of cheating here. No difference. Or maybe plain desperation.

The educational system and society as a whole is failing kids if their only work options are abroad, and even worse when you have to work in an illegal endeavour.

I know from personal experience when the on line casinos offered bunches of US dollars in call centers. When you went to interviews, they told you it was for customer service. I did not go to college to work cheating people dumb enough to bet on sure losses. Took 3 jobs instead. But for Taiwanese kids, what options are there? Disposable workforce treated inhumane by hubris drunk bosses in Taiwan? Or jail in China?


Aren’t they targeting PRC citizens, hence the reason Beijing has them sent there?

If they were scamming Americans from where-ever, then the Americans would want them extradited there.


Like mushrooms after the rain. What is Taiwan doing to put a stop to this?

China urges Slovenia to hand over detained Taiwanese


Did you use this colorful analogy because phone scammers are like a fungus that spreads quickly and is hard to get rid of? :thinking:


Good point, fungus spreads if conditions are favorable and encourage it.:thinking:


Well, finding people desperate enough to go abroad blindly seems like taking candy from a baby: way too easy… and cruel.

This thread should be linked with the labor protests one. It is one single malaise.


Possibly inspired by the poetic 如雨後春荀.


From the article
"Taiwanese crime rings around the world have for years swindled billions of dollars through the scams, with many of the victims Chinese… .It came after Poland last week said it had arrested 48 Taiwanese . . .Taiwan’s foreign ministry said Thursday that 36 of its citizens were held by Slovenian police while 61 Taiwanese were detained in Croatia."