Forced extraditions to China


China has been courting and wooing Eastern European nations for a while. Almost the entire former YU is under Beijing’s spell. I do not see this situation improving for Taiwan, even if Tsai agrees word for word with the so-called “92 consensus.”


61 arrested in Croatia.
This has reached a level of absurdity now


The total numbers must be in the thousands by now, makes you wonder who or what is really behind such a massive global criminal operation.


Yea friend of mine, who is real estate agent, contacted me cause bunch of taiwanese were looking to rent bunch of houses in slovenia, croatia saying they will do a software business.

This was like year or two ago, i explained him taiwanese do not really do a software thingy but they do a telephone fraud. We did consider contacting police, but in the end we were like “none of our business”

I mean is pathetic for taiwan, not being able to control situation. Nation which sends thousands of criminals abroad, care more about some random drunker waiguoren. Every little missbehaviour by foreigners in taiwan is on tv. While they have thousands people doing phone calls crime abroad. Real criminals and cheaters. So now main taiwanase exports are phone fraud criminals and tsmc chips.

Funny thing is how slovenia is naive, their police did coordinate not only with chinese but as well with taiwanese police. Furthermore, the story is they ask taiwanese to send translators ( maybe even police officers). So taiwanese police officers were there on the spot of arrest, and slovenia police believe taiwanese are victims of human trafficing. I quess taiwanese police made them feel this way. Maybe give false evidence to em. China did found out and made official complaining, cause slovenia violate one china policy.

A big taiwanese gangster, organizator of phone call fraud was arrested in slovenia a year ago, but was released to taiwanese authorities, which did not punish him. China did ask for him, and slovenia explanation was china did not really use right technical steps (like hand in court papers or what), so Slovenia had no other choice then sent him to taiwan in the end.

It looks this is organized crime on high level with strong political connection.


“Taiwan seeks to clear name as major source of international fraud”

"Data shows that from 2009-2014, more than 2,105 Taiwanese telecommunication fraud suspects were arrested in Taiwan and China.

Only 462, or 21 percent of the total, were later convicted of a crime by Taiwan’s courts. In addition, those found guilty mostly received jail terms of less than five years, as opposed to 15 years or more in China."

"What is perhaps more surprising is that most Taiwanese seem to support Beijing’s hardline.

In a survey conducted in Dec. 2017 by Taiwan-based Chinese-language Apple Daily, nearly 73 percent of respondents said they support sending Taiwanese involved in fraud cases to China for trial."


I have absolutely no problem with these phishers, scam artists, fraudsters, and professional spam callers getting locked up in some Beijing hellhole for 15 years. Total scum, imo. Maybe it’s Taiwan that’s too lenient, as opposed to China being too hardline? If China wants to clean up a mess that the Taiwanese courts refuse to, then I applaud them on helping to cut down the amount of spam calls and texts I get in any given day.


Actually China puts then in jail only to pressure their family in Taiwan to paying a huge ransom (which may or may not be used for paying back all the victims). If you pay, you’re free quite fast.


Makes sense to me.


I do fear if the crooks are retrained and sent here and/or become part of the one cent army.


Seems they know they either walk free or get a lenient sentence if they are sent back to Taiwan. No wonder most people prefer having them sent to China.

". . .the suspects were not handcuffed or supervised by authorities… . .the suspects demanded alcoholic drinks and made inappropriate comments bordering on sexual harassment toward female flight attendants. . .


Stay classy, repatriated (alleged) crooks!



No extradition this time. Rough.


A ton, that definitely leaves a mark.


“16 Thais, supervised by the two Taiwanese nationals, were tasked with making phone calls to dupe victims in Thailand . . .”

Taiwan gangsters now hire Thai to do the dirty work and switch to Thai victims from Chinese.


They are still at it
" Three Taiwanese men accused of posing as Chinese police in US$1.2m scam in Singapore"