Forced extraditions to China


Business is expanding to Turkey

“52 Taiwanese nabbed for alleged fraud in Turkey”


suspects invariably teamed with Chinese


[quote=“schwarzwald”]Business is expanding to Turkey

“52 Taiwanese nabbed for alleged fraud in Turkey”[/quote]

And now to Greece . . .

Over 120 Taiwanese nationals nabbed in Greek raid: MOFA

"Greek police have cracked a large telecommunications gambling criminal ring, arresting more than 120 Republic of China nationals."


No wonder crime rates came down there are thousands of Taiwanese criminals overseas!


I think there is a fair amount of truth in that.


Here we go again . . .

11 Taiwanese arrested in Indonesia for alleged fraud involvement


“Police Arrest 31 Chinese and Taiwanese Nationals in West Jakarta, Suspect Involvement in Extortion Racket”

Now in monk disguise


If they really are guilty, may they rot in an Indonesian prison for the next 20 years. I will not be shedding tears for them.


Why were they acquitted in Kenya? Why not guilty if they were guilty?


Kenya, Malaysia, Thailand, and now probably the Philippines, where China has its money in, China can get you deported out.


You forgot Armenia that deported a whopping 78 Taiwanese to China in September.


Jeez Taiwanese get around!
That must the total population of Taiwanese residents of Armenia thrown out in one go!

Nigerians eat your heart out, you’ve got a competitor.


Isn’t it sad, though? In Nigeria, cheating in ingrained as part of the culture and an econmic need: it is considered a viable form of earning a living where there is little else. Hence, we may conclude so many Taiwanese find a career in cheating people as the best way to survive. Because having to spilt profits among so many teammembers means no one is really hitting the jackpot. I wonder if like with drug cartels, there is some boss in a plush Xinyi apartment getting the lion’s share, well connected to local politicians he supports economically, otherwise well respected in the community.


From Australia via Indonesia, Malaysia all the way to Turkey, Taiwan crime syndicates have long been putting Go South into action.


The safe haven principle for phone scammers is under attack.


39 Taiwanese arrested in Spain for involvement in telecom fraud
2016/12/15 11:51:44
Taipei, Dec. 15 (CNA) Thirty-nine Taiwanese nationals were confirmed as of Thursday morning to have been arrested for their involvement in telecom fraud in Spain, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

News reports said Spanish police raided more than 10 locations earlier in the week after months of investigation, arresting nearly 240 Chinese and Taiwanese fraud suspects.

Now moving to the EU in the hope of not getting sent to China when caught?


The global scale and sophistication of these criminals operations is impressive.


My question is: are there that many crooks in Taiwan? I mean, 50 caught here, 50 there … they will run out of recruits soon!

And yes, the scope is … staggering.


It’s in the thousands now. It seems China has been systematically hunting them down.
Their days of running these scams in this form are coming to a close. Crime certainly does not pay for the foot soldiers.


Any chance of catching the head of the dragon? I mean, it is going to be very ironic if it is some government official sitting pretty in Beijing or Shanghai… or Taipei. But actually expected.