Forced extraditions to China


What would be the total number if you include those who have not been caught? 10K, 20K?


Lots of inquiries: just who are the people that wind up doing this job? What sector of society? Recent university graduates who want to make more than 22,000 a year, or people with just high school degrees? From Taipei or the countryside? When they start the job, do they know they’re involved in a fraud operation, or is the job initially pitched as some kind of telemarketing? Do they leave Taiwan to do this job, or do the fraudsters recruit from people already overseas? Is it a “career” or do people view it as some kind of gap year thing?

I’m really curious about how the heck this works.


Heres your answer

The chinese version at the bottom of article will obvioualy be a lot clearer.

Chinese govt estimate there are 7700 fraudsters with 4600 being Taiwanese.

Petty criminals, druggies, high school dropouts, experiwnced frauaters are their footsoldiers.


Omg is that a whole website of machine translated news articles? :runaway:

For anyone who isn’t brave enough to make it all the way down the page, here’s the original.


The numbers are getting higher and higher, soon people might associate ROC with Republic Of Crime.


The governnent should take it much more seriously if they want to maintain visa free.


The only thing the government has been taking seriously is fighting tooth and nail to have these fraudsters repatriated like they are some long lost relative. It’s the same pattern every time. The government makes it an issue of national sovereignty instead of an issue of fighting organized cross-border crime. Their priorities are wrong and I bet other countries are getting pretty fed up with Taiwan in this matter.


Here is the original news from December last year.

Looks like a large operation.

“Spanish police said the network was operated out of Taiwan and on five continents, with a strong presence in Greece and Armenia.”


As written in the article above this is organized international crime in the form of quasi corporations. It’s also extremely lucrative and it seems only the foot soldiers are being captured so low risk very high reward. It’s not like the US where they get the hands on the kingpins and they go away for life.


“The Spanish government said on Friday it had approved the extradition of 269 “Chinese citizens” as part of a year-long investigation into an internet fraud ring operated from several Spanish cities, including Madrid and Barcelona.
Taiwan’s foreign ministry said around 200 of the suspects were Taiwanese.
Taiwan “deeply regrets” the decision by the Spanish government “which has infringed upon the rights and interests of our people and ignored the tradition of the EU countries’ emphasis on human rights,” the ministry said in a statement.”


It is about national sovereignty. Today they can deport a bunch of Taiwanese for fraud, tomorrow they might do the same for something made up like “infringement to the territorial integrity of China”.


This makes no sense on the face of it. If they did crimes in Spain then jail them in Spain. Madrid has some explaining to do.


More Go South action

. . . .Police have detained 63 Taiwanese citizens and an Indonesian national allegedly involved in an international fraud syndicate. . . “The syndicate is from Taiwan. They steal data of bank clients in China and Taiwan then contact the victims [in the two countries] pretending to be members of law enforcement institutions in Taiwan,”


Nigerians of Asia!


Unfortunately, it seems that the harder approach works better:

Taipei, March 9 (CNA) The number of Taiwanese involved in telecom fraud in South Korea has fallen sharply after reaching a peak of more than 400 in December 2009, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

According to the ministry’s statistics, the number of Taiwanese nationals arrested and imprisoned for telecom fraud in South Korea began to spike in September 2006.

The ministry’s statistics from December 2009 show that the total number of Taiwanese detained in South Korea for fraud at that time exceeded 400, most of them young people who allegedly went to South Korea for tourism or to attend short-term study programs.

The number of arrests only fell after Seoul introduced more punitive measures for fraud. Currently, the number of Taiwanese under arrest or serving time for fraud in South Korean is fewer than 10.

Oh, this is related to two girls who went missing… and were found in a Korean jail for their participation in fraud rings. Would have been found earlier but the pintin -or English aliteration, as the press called it- of their names was not the same given by MOFA and what the Korean authorities had. See the importance of using recognizable pinyin? And for the eleventh time, IT IS NOT ENGLISH!


Strange things going on in Bimbo Street . . . From the amount of electronic devices in the place it looks like another phone scamming operation.


Add it it on to a long list.


it never stops . .

18 Taiwanese fraud ring suspects awaiting repatriation from Indonesia


Taiwanese fraud suspects in Thailand to be sent to China: official


Not a good trend