Forced the labor law down on your employer!

I read so many different topics, where people are complaining about Taiwanese companies not giving a sh*t about the labor laws.
Have you ever felt so frustrated that you actually called the labor government and forced the labor law down on the company you work for?

I done it once, I overslept and came in an hour late, then the company wanted to deduct my salary for half a day! But I told them NO it is not reasonable. However the company did not care, so I called the labor government which told the company they are only allowed to deduct my salary 1 hour. After that, the company did not try to bullshit me anymore!

My point is that, if something is not right or unreasonable then call the labor government! That is what they are here for! Dont be afraid or scared of losing your job!

Regarding to over time pay! Same thing, call the labor government if you don’t get paid for over time! The labor government will come to the company and enforce the laws!

You got a link? Or some kind of proof?

You got a link? Or some kind of proof?[/quote]

No, I don’t. I only called the labor law and explained what happened. Then the labor government called the company and explained deducting my salary for half a day is not ok. Issue solved.

I have been in and out of that office, they are there to suggest, or request politely. Labor office can’t force any law on the employers. Court is the solution in serious matters- although if you do not speak fluent chinese, this may not work too.

I heard that it’s better to threaten to call the tax office than the labor office. It seems the CLA has very limited powers and penalties are so light that most companies that are doing well can simply scoff at it. However almost all companies are cheating on their taxes in some way so they’re more afraid of an audit than a call/visit by the CLA.

That’s what I did to a business that tried to fuck me over. They got a fine of around 500 000 NT.

You call CLA man. Nobody fucks with the Jesus