Foreign area in Taipei

I am new to Taiwan and looking for people to socialize and network with. I am currently staying in Taipei in the Daan district. Where is a good location, district, places where foreigners live?

Tienmu is famous for having lots of foreigners… because TAS/TES is there. If you can’t afford Tienmu rent Shilin area isn’t too far and it’s cheaper.

Just be aware that a lot of long-term foreigners here aren’t anything like foreigners in the US… Foreigners there often form their little “towns” (China town, little Italy, etc.) but in Taiwan, they almost always avoid each other for some reason… I find the same with American expats in Europe too (no “little Washington DC” anywhere)

Well, foreigners here live… just anywhere they please. It is not like China, where there are “areas”. No ghettos here, no reservations. We mix with teh population.

Daan is popular -maybe you can find some foreigners around Daan Park, NTU or NTNU, the Shida bar area -what’s left of it- or so. Tianmu has many foreign oriented businesses, such as restaurants, outlets, etc. because as said, the international schools are there, so many people prefer to live close by with their families.

Yes, ocassionally you may feel as the only foreign face in the crowd, but do not fret: they are hiding from each other.

Tianmu is part of Shilin.

Please read the OP’s post. I have an office in Da An. You can find many foreigners who frequent Capones, ON TAP, Wendels Da An which is a good place to buy bread and other good food. Its alos not fat away to Whalens Carnegies Toast and many other places where expats go. Brass Monkey is only 10 mins away in a taxxi or can go there by MRT.

Tianmu foreigners consist mostly of families and dinosaurs, and most of it isn’t convenient if you want to use the mrt. If you want to hang around younger student types then in and around ShiDa (Guting to Gongguan stations) isn’t a bad choice. If you want to brush elbows with foreign businessmen and professionals you would probably have more luck in Xinyi

There’s no foreign area anymore for Westerners, just find the hangouts that’s all.

Tienmu hasn’t been a foreigner area for at least ten years. The American school mostly caters to Taiwanese with dual passports and the other main international school is for Japanese.

Bitan is a bit of foreign ghetto for the declasse.

OP. I think you’re staying in the right area assuming you’re a young professional. You really just need to find a good hang out.