Foreign crime suspect rate rises

Is the crime rate really rising or just the investigations aiming foreigners more?

I wonder how many of the suspects are escaped foreign (slave) laborers.


Another factor is the recent visa free entry (mostly unilaterally) for tourists from Southeast Asia, not all of whom are tourists.

Startling that Vietnamese account for nearly half ( of 90%) of this ? I wonder why that is so high when there are so many from other SE Asian countries here? Culture, organized crime?
Maybe there are other reasons?

Aren’t most of the Vietnamese spouses and spouses families? Are many Vietnamese here as contract labor?

Vietnamese are the biggest group of foreign workers in productive industries.

“32.7 percent, were accused of offenses against public safety, mainly drunk driving.” So most of the foreigner workers from other Asian countries have cars?

Their bosses probably just forced them to take the rap.


For those who read Chinese, this is the original report from Nationall Police Agency, Ministry of Interior.

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Interesting that the Indonesians and Filipinos, despite their large numbers, only make up 10% and 7%, respectively, of the crime stats.

Cos they are female?

FYI, Vietnamese are 42% of foreign workers in industries.

Indonesians 16%, Filipinos 27%.

I looked at the stats before, vast majority of Indos were female caregivers.

Stat of foreign workers

Industries / Social welfare = 425,010 / 249,641

Foreign workers in productive industries:
Indonesians 16%, Filipinos 27%, Vietnamese 42%

Foreign workers in social welfare:
Indonesians 76%, Filipinos 12%, Vietnamese 11%.

Male / Female
Indonesians 61592/196650
Filipinos 55711/92980
Vietnamese 133170/73014

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Are Mainlanders/HKers/Macanese being counted as foreigners?

Good question, but it seems not. At least, I didn’t see they listed as such.

At least Taiwan is moving away from the "foreigner = white " mentality.

Indeed Phils, Indos and Thais are Foreigners.

Is that two steps forward, one step backward OR one step forward, two steps backwards?

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