Foreign dividend/capital gains income

Gold Card holder but essentially retired, currently residing in Taiwan. I have never worked in Taiwan and do not plan to for the duration of my Gold Card visa. I live off investment income in the US; dividends from stocks and the occasional stock sale. The total amount is well under 6M NT per year. Do I need to file taxes in Taiwan? Will I be able to deduct the taxes I pay in the US?

Kinda hurting the whole system for everyone, no? Most people I know on a gold card are not working in their gold card field, or not working at all. I wonder how long this scheme will last before they decide it isn’t helping Taiwan much at all, and is being used by many as a retirement visa, long term tourist visa and student visa.


Our local gov should wake up and open their eyes.

That’s right. The whole point of the Gold Card scheme is to bring talent to Taiwan. If they find that people use it as a retirement visa, then they might deport the people misusing it as it’s not labelled under the terms of their visa and cancel the programme if it’s deemed as a failure.

I’m sure you can afford a local accountant and get accurate advice.

I was under the impression that they will look at what you’ve done in Taiwan when you reapply for the gold card after the three year term. If this is the case, at least the people using it for other purposes won’t be reissued one.

Of course. But i mean more in the long run.

Taiwan has provisions for ‘not following purpose as stated’ and can cancel residency.

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