Foreign Food Trends


Maybe it is just me, but in my little neck o’the woods Stroopwafels have become quite popular in the past year. Well, at least more places are selling them. Once they were a niche item at Costco. Now, you can get them at Wellcome, Carrefour, Yi Ke Lai to name a few. This is strange as every year we go to the Netherlands and bring some back, but everyone we give them to finds them too sweet. While this is one of many trends that come and go here, I was wondering what would other food trends you would like to see? Maybe a chip shop? Someone could open a Vlaams?

As for me, keeping to my Armenio-Slavo side, I would love to see a decent burek, shawarma and kebob house open.


I’d like to find some decent biltong here. I’m not South African; just have a good appreciation for it.

It’d also be great if Taiwanese got a sudden taste for American Italian style subs, like prosciutto and mozzarella sandwiches drenched in olive oil on freshly baked rolls, but fat chance there will ever be anything better than ‘Subway’ here in that area. Their sandwiches are as tasty as old gym shoes. :expressionless:

More and better grilled cheese places would be great. There’s a couple, but they’re ehhhh.


I would love to see baked pretzels


There was a pretzel chain in food courts for a while. Auntie Annie’s or something like that. But I haven’t seen them in a while, nor am I sure if that’s the kind of place you mean.


I love the shawarma sandwiches at the Shida Night Market.


If I was looking to market my foreign food I’d push hard (pay) to have it placed in a primetime soap opera/drama. :money_mouth_face:


Or have some k-pop star eat it in a suggestive way.


I am not sure if it is a trend. I just stumbled upon it because my former trainer at Hess, who is from South Africa, bought one for me. But I really like the Rooibos Tea Latte at Louisa :slight_smile:


I would like to eat tapas with a beer or ouzo that are the price of snacks not like main course at a michelin hotel.


I have two friends who I train with from Spain, I can ask them for you if you want?

I am only half Hispanic American, I only know of flan and chorizo. I can tell you the best place to get chorizo near Shida, but it’s Mexican style Chorizo :slightly_smiling_face:


Do any of you guys know where i can buy stevia?


Good, cheap Mexican food made with fresh tortillas and guacamole made from Hass avocados that isn’t the color of a decomposing corpse dredged from a river. Oh, and sourdough English muffins.


Dan Quinn’s website.


That’d be great, but first you’d need either sustainable avocado farms here or superior avocado importers to the ones we have now (and also lower prices for importing it).

Mexican tortas would also be a great trend that I never see happening.


Yeah, it’s basically a pipe dream. There just isn’t enough local demand to make supplying Hass avocados worth the hassle. And those stringy, watery local avocados are just sad.


I’ll check it out. Thank you


I guess at the very least, those shawarma sandwiches are kind of like tortas. The bread is similar to a bolio, except without all of the delicious lard, hahaha, just kidding :slightly_smiling_face:.
I am sure you’ve probably had them, but if not, you can get them at the Shida Night Market, It’s just one street down from Shida Road. It’s a little stall that you can’t miss, it’s right by the the claw vending machines.


That was a joke.


That’s is funny. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just like it because my mom used to grow it once in a while in the backyard. I like it because it’s a not a neurotoxin like Splenda or aspartame. And I’m always drinking Coke Zero, aka Diet Neuro Toxin


The Korean restaurants popping up all over the place is both good and bad to me. Some of the places are just very average. They’re still worth going to but then you have these lines sometimes that turn me off from them (they’re not that good). And then you’ve got the really bad places in the basement arcade restaurant areas. I sometimes end up indulging, only to regret it and wish I’d have listed to that little voice inside that was screaming “no!” as I made my order.

Still, it’s nice having some decent choices here and there in the city. Much better than when I first came to Taiwan.