Foreign Food Trends


Well, I could, but I’d have to go to Taipei first. I live in Kaohsiung, much more of a food desert unfortunately.


I know what you mean and it’s especially aggravating for me as I used to live in Seoul.


I have yet to find a Korean place that is better than average, help a brother out?


This is the best Korean food I’ve had in Taipei:

Busloads of Korean tourists pile into this place, so obviously the tour groups approve of it too.


I like the place featured here:

But the franchise places located in, for example, Songshan Station (the soon dubu place) are not bad at all. I usually won’t wait long for a seat, but definitely hits the spot- a taste Koreans would refer to as 얼큰한 (but you have to order at least the medium spicy).


I went through my Korean food phase a few years ago when I was into Stracraft2 and Kpop and, yes, Dubu House is pretty spot on with their soondubu and seafood pancake despite the price tag.

@Andrew0409 will probably pop in here and recommend his spot, Samwon Garden, over in Neihu, I still haven’t tried it out, but he swears by it.


Avocados are literally destroying Mexico’s forests. We don’t need to eat their avocados.


The avocados I eat are all grown in California, the place where the Hass cultivar originated. :sunglasses:


How do you know?

Even then California has its own water crisis. If everybody started eating avocados the world probably would be screwed. Also avocados are hipster food . Maybe that will convince you.

1 kg of avocados needs 280 L of water on average but over 1000L of water in drier desert climates.


That’s what it says on the little sticker.

The water crisis is in remission after record rainfalls last winter. But it’s not like I eat avocados for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I was eating avocados long before hipsters existed.


You know what they say.
Eat like a hipster , be a hipster :slight_smile:.

California has a long term and serious lack of water. The situation could easily worsen in future due to climate change and population pressure.

Just cos you grew uo doing something doesn’t mean diddley squat.
Lots of Indians grew up without toilet paper you know.


And soon they’ll all try to escape…but none will make it past Snake Plissken.


California’s going to fall into the ocean anyway, so it won’t matter in the long run.


This is awesome. I have been looking for a good Korean restaurant!!! :tada:


Problem solved. Just kidding :upside_down_face:


Samson garden is good Korean BBQ and kimchi. Ok traditional dishes. But here’s the thing. Korean dishes are extremely hard to prepare and usually takes multiple steps vs cook on the spot. So in Korea best places specializes usually. There’s definitely good places that does a good job with most of the food. But for example if you want the best spicy tofu soup, you have to go to a spot that specializes as is known for it.


Bread. I want really good bread. Rustic, country loaves. Something to make a decent sandwich.

The bread here is ok, and I know it is not what Asia is known for, but the bread here is just too soft for my liking. I am not saying it is bad, but I like a firmer crumb.


What about vegetarian shawarma. Like from the old counties. With wheatballs (made from bulger, which I used to see from time to time at Jason’s or City Super) and lavash.

There is/was a place near the Ministry of Education…Sabah(?) and it was OK. Portions horribly small. Who only eats a dollop of hummus with 1 pita to split between two people? Only 1 falafel! Come on. But…they are trying.

Ajvar, baba ghanoush. Oh.


I love making hummus, and it’s so darn cheap to make :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi JB, there is an individual portioned foccachia store called Semeur in Syntrend. Have you tried it? They also have fresh Portuguese egg tarts baked on the hour